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S is for Satisfaction and the Season-End of CASTLE


115162_D_0181How do they do it? How does a TV series hold onto romantic intensity from the first episode and carry it through for years?

CASTLE’s romance came to a head last week with this years season-ender. Kate Becket finally accepted her feelings for Rick Castle and flung herself into his arms for a series of passionate kisses. Most avid watchers would feel the delightful satisfaction with a little flavor of it’s about time.

But it punctuates my point. How in the world did the writers accomplish this feat? Same thing with other shows like MOONLIGHTING, and SCARECROW AND MRS. KING. I know there have to be other excellent examples, but I can’t think of them off-hand.

What a balancing act! Establish and press the building romance. Develop a palpable chemistry between two main characters, but keep them at arm’s length. While continuing to establishing intensity between the pair, drive wedges between them.

How in the world did they keep it going for years?

I don’t have answers. What do you think. What was it about CASTLE that kept the two apart. What other show examples can you share? What kept you watching?

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Author: Marji Laine

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12 thoughts on “S is for Satisfaction and the Season-End of CASTLE

  1. I’ve also considered the similarity between Castle and Moonlighting! Love both!


  2. I haven’t gotten into Castle but know the teasing on NCIS hints of relationship building too. Sometimes a show loses something once they begin to connect more. I guess the tension of not knowing if they ever will is greater. Thanks for listing me and the others participating with the meme. That was very nice.


  3. I haven’t seen two of those shows and only one season of Scarcrow and Mrs. King, but the idea of building a story weekly for season after season is very intimidating to me. So far I only have ideas in one book series for three books. I have one set of characters I’ve often thought would make a cool TV series but don’t think I have the skill to go there. Maybe someday. Or maybe I’ll just stick with books or stand-alone movies.


    • I’m with you, Amy. I think there must be some sort of technique for keeping the tension up and prolonging the inevitable for years! Blows my mind!


  4. I have to admit, I don’t really follow any TV shows these days ~ although I liked Moonlighting and loved SMK. And, as much as I wanted to watch Castle, it’s time slot made it undoable. That being said, Bones is another I think you could add to your list. Yes, I believe this season they got married and had a child, I’m not sure how the tension is any more. It will be interesting to see if Castle can maintain. Seems the death knell of series that build that tension is when their characters finally get together.


    • Oh yes, that’s a perfect one to watch now that they are together. Psych on USA is another that has had romantic tension and the two main characters got together. That one is different though because the drama isn’t as serious.


  5. Well…Moonlighting kinda failed at that. Reason being, they kept breaking them up over foolish things (as if they couldn’t think of other ways to create tension??). Scarecrow and Mrs. King is still one of my favorite shows, and would have been on much longer if the main character hadn’t suffered breast cancer in real-life. But, they kept the tension and silliness and banter–even after the characters got married (which for some reason, ring the death knoll for some). When they let two characters build a friendship, then a romance, it tends to work, because they can still build tension on the things that started it all in the first place (much like life–marry the guy that’s your best friend!).


    • I agree with Moonlighting. The tension there became fake. I didn’t know why S&MK went off the air! Had no idea about Kate Jackson. Loved that show and still watch the reruns, but it, too, lost something with the marriage. Especially when the secrecy of it ebbed. Not as much fun then. I’m wondering if Castle has enough of that “relationship with your best friend” to carry it. I’m not sure it does.


      • Well…as I’m a huge…fan of SMK, I’ll add some input. They didn’t get married until half-way through the 4th season. And they kept it a secret the whole time (that is never revealed before cancellation). The reason it started to tank is they were giving Kate Jackson’s scenes to the other female actor on the show and then having her call on the phone once or twice (because she was in chemo) per episode. So, as there was no chemistry between the other two actors, and as the star was pretty much NOT there, it was all down hill after that.

        I think the writer’s at Castle CAN do it well. I’ve read a lot by super fans who felt the end scene was just perfect (how many times can you get a bunch of hyped fans to agree like that??). If they carry it on, I think it will do really well.


        • Wow, you really are a fan of SMK! I didn’t remember any of that!
          As for CASTLE, I sure hope you’re right. Good mystery/suspense shows that last are sometimes hard to find!