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Book Review – Grudges Not Included (Guest Blogger)

Have I mentioned how much I love novellas? Well, I’m not the only one. Today Precious Redhead is sharing her take on the seasonal story, Grudges Not Included by Shellie Neumeier. And you can find all of my reviews in the For Readers Section

Grudges not includedFew novellas turn out to impress me as much as this one has.  The delightful story line, the character’s journeys, and the message of faith all combined to create this addictive story.

Nineteen-year-old Hannah Arnwald must manage her family bakery when her father is suddenly put in the hospital. She quickly feels the weight of her responsibility when her shop’s greatest competitor tries to swindle the family’s customers away. To add on to this trial, a prodigal boy returns to town, stirring up unwanted memories of betrayal.

Hannah’s journey in this story really starts when Drew Little comes back into town. While fighting against her rekindling feelings for him, she must accept his help in order to keep the bakery from falling into enemy hands. Despite the friction between he and Hannah, Drew finds a way to teach her how to trust not solely in what she herself can do, but to have faith in God.

Shellie Neumeier takes her readers along with the characters through mystery, betrayal, redemption, and victory over trials on this amazing journey.

Here’s the information from the back cover:

When the baby-of-the-family steps in to manage her family’s German bakery she must balance the town bully’s plans to squash her business as she clears her former crush, the rootless boy the family believes betrayed them. Can she bake her way through the Boerne, Texas Dickens Christmas Event or will she get burned along the way?

Teenagers are making my life so colorful.Precious Redhead is the alternative identity of my teenage daughter. An avid reader, she loves Jane Austen, Christian history, and historical romance. She enjoys musical theater, worship songs, and volleyball, and can often be found on the floor studying or playing with her dog.

Your Turn: What was your favorite read so far this winter?

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