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Pink Party: Popping the Question

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I’ve got a classic offering of romance today during my PINK PARTY! I sure hope when the time comes for my dear boy to pop the question (with sincere hope that such a time WILL come) that he will deal with his intended like the soon-to-be grooms in the following stories! 

My first guest has a story reminiscent of the song “Santa Baby.” The part where she asks him to trim her tree …

Trimming the Tree

Guest PINK PARTY post by Jackie Layton

578784Tim and meMy husband, Tim, has always been supportive of me no matter what I wanted to tackle.

We met one morning at church in Athens, GA. I was a single mom in pharmacy school at UGA, and he’d moved for a job.
From the moment I first lay eyes on him, I was a goner. He likes to laugh and tell people that when he walked into church that morning he was greeted to the sight of me and my five year old son digging through a big box of donations for the needy. Bill never went anywhere without a Hot Wheels car, and he accidentally dropped it in that box.

We dated for two years while I finished my education and he worked. My first job was an hour away, and he called me one December day at work. He’d bought a Christmas tree and wanted me to help him decorate it. By the time I arrived at his home, I’d worked twelve hours and spent two hours driving to and from work. Bill was staying with my mom that day and probably in bed by the time I got back to Athens.

more holden 2012 039 (1)Tim had music playing and lights on the tree. Boxes were scattered around the floor, and we began to decorate. I noticed a small box in the tree. My heart raced, and I was scared to touch it. Tim plucked the box from the tree and proposed to me that night. To this day, decorating the tree always brings back memories of that special Christmas.

Tearing up – no joke. What a sweet moment and a precious memory! I confess: I just love love! 🙂

My next guest also has a pop-the-question moment. So romantic!

Bridging the Gap

Guest PINK PARTY post by Christa Upton


One April my boyfriend drove me home from college so I could play piano at a friend’s wedding.  I felt very happy to watch my friend marry a wonderful guy, and the wedding was beautiful.  I also looked forward to a little more “weekend at home” before heading back to college.

After the wedding reception, my boyfriend suggested we walk down to the covered bridge, which was about a half mile from my parents’ house.  We enjoyed a leisurely walk, talking and holding hands.  I remember it was cloudy, but it was that bright, expectant cloudiness of a Missouri spring.

We arrived at Sandy Creek, which was beautiful with trees budding and creek banks filled with early spring foliage.

We walked through the bridge, and my boyfriend found a little “step” on the other side that we could sit on.  Then he took out a tiny box….

Heart suddenly racing, my whole face smiling….

“Will you marry me?”


028, croppedI can’t remember whether we hugged or kissed first.  Or maybe he put the ring on my finger first.

It was the beginning of a beautiful journey with my husband that continues to this day.

When we got back home, I found Cheshire-cat-grinning faces on my parents.

“What—you already knew?!”  I was thrilled that he had asked their permission first.  My romantic heart swelled with thanksgiving that he somehow knew that would be important to me.

Then I showed the sparkling ring to everyone who would look.  I did one of those jumping-up-and-down-while-hugging things with my sister.  I enjoyed the dawning of a very happy look on my brother’s face.  I couldn’t wait to call my best friend.


For months, I would sit in chapel at college seeing how the many ceiling lights in the chapel reflected off my diamond.  (Hopefully I paid attention to the chapel services, too, but now I can’t remember!)

Dear hubby, we didn’t expect life to throw us the things that it has.  But I ABSOLUTELY would say yes again!!!!!

What a precious story. So classic and I can picture the bridge, the creek, even the smell of the spring day.

I’m so glad that Christa and Jackie joined my Pink Party, and I’d love to “hear” your pink story! Email it to me at AuthorMarjiLaine (at) Gmail (dot) com

And don’t worry, mine’s coming up, though not nearly so … um … sweet. You’ll just have to come back to see for yourself. I’m just a mess!

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