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No Foolin’ Party



I’ll tell you right now that I’m hovering on and around this site and my Facebook page and will be responding right away to your comments.

Go ahead give it a try!

IMG_1987Oops, chalk it up to a potty break.

I love goofy “holidays” because they give an excuse to laugh and make memories. That’s what I’m wanting to do today! I’m going to share a few pranks that I’ve heard about – or been involved in – and I hope you’ll do the same thing in the comments. Don’t fail to chat with one another, to. After all, it is a party.

Pass the chips, please.

Let’s try this again!

My FIRST Prank – Totally Minor League, Triple A Stuff!         I confess that I actually did accomplish a few pranks during my college days. The first was on my brother and his new wife.
     We were all part of a singing group that toured East Texas. The other members of the group, and my sweet then-fiancé, used a hidden key to gain entrance to my brother’s new house. We had a wild time with all of the hokey pranks of yester-year. Turning their drawers over, removing the light bulbs and everything off of the walls, coating the mirrors and the toilet seats with Vaseline. We even removed the labels from all of the cans in their pantry. (I did number the cans with a Sharpie and leave them a list to identify the food types, though I think they had a lot of pot-luck for a couple of weeks.)
     Even though my fiancé and his roommates were in on the fun, the girls bulldozed their apartment next, during a bachelor “party” the weekend before our wedding. Same song, second verse, only this time, we had to climb in through a window that didn’t lock so well.
     Don’t worry, I got it all back in spades during my bridal luncheon two days later. Two of the other gals got hit on the day of my wedding. In fact, all of us got “got” except one. The quiet little originator of the whole idea. Beware the quiet ones!

First, let me tell you: I didn’t really grow up in a pranking family, but when they pulled them, they pulled them good. Me? Not so much. I did tell my mom I was having triplets when I was really only pregnant with twins, but that’s pre-school stuff compared to some of the things I’ve heard about. And with that confession aside, I want to share a few of the best pranks I’ve heard and been involved with.

The Party Continues!

Armadillo_en_MontemorelosSecond Prank: Pranking Gone Bad!
     One year, my brother lured an armadillo into his apartment. Did you know those things are plum-fast. Scared the tar out of Bubba’s roommate. Scared a lot more than that out of the armadillo! Ha!
     Prank gone bad in so many ways. Armadillos aren’t much for seeing doors (or anything for that matter). But they do like to cower in hidey-holes. Took them over an hour to get the varmint to get back outside.
     I don’t think Bubba thought that one through very carefully! (My girls commented that they can only imagine the event from the armadilla’s point of view – that made me laugh!)

Even Google Maps is getting into the spirit of the day! LOL!Treasure mapI hope you’re having as much fun as I am!

LOL! We’re almost having a virtual food fight over at Facebook. Author J.A. Marx has tomatoes. I’ve got the chips – hit editor Tracy Ruckman in the eye, OOPS! I suggested that Tracy grab some cooked pasta and start flinging. What would you grab in a virtual food fight?
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Third Prank – Another Misfire!
One year, my friend needed to let off a little steam, so on April 1st she emailed her family and closest friends asking them to help her move all of her office stuff as she’d been fired.Unfortunately, she didn’t let her hubby in on the gag. He got up later, confused as to why his mailbox was inundated with emails asking what happened to his wife’s job.

He called her and she told him what she had done, laughing about it. Until he let her know that she’d been added to their church’s prayer list which sent out emails to the congregation (of about 600 people) each time a new request came out. 

Ha! Bet that retraction was a fun email to write!


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My Brother’s Best Prank!
     My brother was actually quite the prankster in college. In fact, he shut down the school one time. Seems the new college president didn’t want to cancel classes as was tradition if the football team beat their rivals. So my brother took it upon himself (and a few of his choice buds) to print up notices that classes were cancelled for the day, and offices closed. 
     Being a journalism major, my brother had access to the print shop as well as the school letterhead. In the dead of night, they printed out official looking notices stating:                                Due to Saturday’s win over [the rival college] all classes are cancelled for today. The normal schedule will resume tomorrow. Enjoy your day. Go Lions!
      They then proceeded to post the notices on every door of every building, even the outlying buildings on the far side of town. This literally took all night and I couldn’t possibly relate some of their near-misses with campus security.
      The next day, people came to their 8AM classes and left. Even the professors and commuters (had a huge commuting population from Dallas) left. The radio picked up the story and began announcing the impromptu holiday. That was the first tip-off that the president had. He didn’t know anything about the situation until after the start of the third class had been missed. Immediately he notified the campus radio station. Every 2 or 3 minutes, the DJ aired another statement that classes had not been cancelled, but it was too late. Most of the students never got the truth until the next day and only a couple of the professors and instructors fared better. Even the deans had assumed the notices to be real.
      Luckily, no one ever suspected my dear brother. The president promised immediate expulsion. Good thing he and his friends kept the whole thing secret through graduation and decades beyond. Woulda been a great April Fool’s joke; course it was October!

OHOHOHOHOHOH! Last of my pranks! My mom has always been a master prankster and story-teller. She spend some of my elementary years as an ophthalmic nurse. Once she got pranked when she received a call from someone with a pencil stuck in his eye. He was calling from downstairs and could he have an appointment. My mom spent part of the call learning that he was in the lobby and the rest of it getting him into the elevator. He came in a few minutes later with his fist wrapped around a yellow pencil sticking from his eye – at least that’s what it looked like. Scared my mom to death and she swore vengeance on my aunt who had organized the whole thing. Check out her revenge!

My LAST Prank for Today! Boy this has been FUN!I think my brother got all of my mom’s pranking genes. I’m not so much of a prankster. But she is a master! I remember one time, she had my aunt convinced that the phone would blow up. This was back in the age of land lines.

My aunt got a phone call from the operator (my mom’s best friend) explaining that there had been some trouble on the line and they needed to clear it. First she had my aunt blow into the receiver several times, but her blows were unsatisfactory. The operator asked her if someone else who was in better shape might be able to blow into the receiver. My aunt, being a daily tennis player, bought the whole jab. Started fussing at the operator about how no one else had come in yet, and she was in excellent condition.

The operator then explained that they would have to clear the line from their side. It would take running a strong current through the phone wire to break up the blockage. Then she instructed my aunt to put the receiver under several pillows and exit the room. And my aunt, believing the scenario did just as she said! I swear, even now it makes me laugh to think about it!

About that time, my mom came home and attempted to enter the room with the soon-to-be-blown-up phone. (Of course, this whole thing had been her brainchild. She’d even written up a phone script!) My aunt panicked, blocking her path and explaining the problem. She couldn’t figure out why my mom hit the floor laughing her head off.

That’s it, folks! Wow y’all have sure blessed me with laughter and fellowship today! I’m so glad you stopped by and I hope the laughter from today spills over as joy that lasts through the whole week!
Your Turn: The real party today is going to be in the comments. Seriously, take some space and share your best – or your worst!

Author: Marji Laine

Marji is a recently "graduated" homeschooling mom whose twin girls have blessed her by sticking around the nest for a little longer. She spends her days directing the children’s music program at her church and working with the authors of Write Integrity Press to put out the best possible version of their books. Raised in suburban Dallas, she got her first taste of writing through the stories of brilliant authors of their day, Mignon Eberhart and Phyllis A. Whitney, and through stage experience. After directing and acting in productions for decades, Marji started writing her own scripts. From that early beginning, she delved into creating scintillating suspense with a side of Texas sassy. She invites readers to unravel their inspiration, seeking a deeper knowledge of the Lord’s Great Mystery that invites us all.

46 thoughts on “No Foolin’ Party

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  2. This has been so much fun, reading all the stories. Can I share one more prank that I played on my son?
    Our kids grew up without a TV so it was a treat when we’d go on vacation and they could watch it in the hotel room. When my son was around 8, he was watching a pro basketball game on the TV in our room. My hubby told him to turn it off, but Son made no move to obey. I picked up the remote next to my bed and clicked it off. (Since we didn’t have a TV, Son wasn’t aware of the remote.) I happened to switch it off just as Little Sister was walking past the set. Son got very upset with her, thinking she had turned it off. He got up and turned the TV back on. So I waited until Sister walked by again and clicked it off with the remote again. Now he was really angry with her and of course, she pleaded innocence. He got up and turned it on again, but as soon as he climbed back on the bed, I clicked it off. By this time, my husband and I were barely managing to hide our laughter and Son was getting more and more irritated, but now he couldn’t blame it on his sister because she was sitting on the bed with him. We let him turn it on a couple more times and clicked it off at strategic moments before convincing him there was something wrong with the TV so we should just leave it off.
    The next morning, I confessed my sin to Son, but I still giggle every time I think about that.


  3. I attempted a prank today, but only fooled a few people. I made out like I went and got a tattoo of a jaguar this morning. I guess my friends know me too well. BTW, BOO!


    • On a day like today, unless I completely forget what day it is (which has happened before! LOL) I don’t much believe ANYTHING! And thanks for the BOO! Gotcha down! Woohoo!


  4. Love all the stories!
    Once when my husband was music director at a church, he pulled one on the youth director. They had a good rival going with their respective schools–Taylor University and Anderson University.
    The youth director was in charge of announcements at church, so every Sunday he would get up and make everyone feel welcome, go through the announcements, etc. And my husband was in charge of the “technical” part–putting the announcements up on the screen at the very front of the church (on Powerpoint).
    One Sunday, the youth director gets up to make announcements. But pretty soon, the whole congregation is laughing, & he doesn’t know why. Finally he turns around to see the announcement slide my husband had put up literally behind his back, announcing how Taylor had beat Anderson the day before.


  5. Hi, Marji. Stopped by for a smile and got it. Now to do my Income Taxes. (No fooling!)


  6. Nine entries for a prank story here, a prank story on Facebook, signing up for your newsletter, and, of course, this comment.


  7. Okay, with the help of friends, I’ve distilled some of our more memorable college pranks (some are 20-year-old stories, so I needed help!)

    – A friend in our dorm had a near-phobic aversion to anything turkey that wasn’t meant by God to be turkey. …Turkey bacon, turkey baloney…you get the picture. So one day we decided to honor her pet peeve by papering her door with all manner of turkey inspiration: post-it notes with listing a of potential turkey foods. Turkey bubble gum, turkey ice cream, turkey popcorn. You get the nasty picture.
    – Our dorm had roof access to a friend’s window. Three of us created a diversion, and when she came to the window we doused her with water rifles.
    – My future husband lived with a bunch of other guys from our small Baptist university. It was an old, rambling house where a taxidermist once lived. They found a big stuffed sheep, among other creatures, in the attic. That “mascot” would show up in unexpected places to say “boo” to the housemates: in the shower, near a bed so he would wake up to the sheep in his face, etc.
    – To get back at a housemate for another prank, my husband set up one of his own. When the guy got in his car one morning and turned on the AC, he was covered with powdered sugar blown from the vents. Bad timing, though: unbeknownst to my husband, this housemate was decked out in a suit that Sunday morning, on his way in view of a call for a church music ministry position. Oops!
    – I love cats, and my dorm-mates loved to tease me about it. Many a day or night I’d come home to my stuffed-animal kitty showing up in all kinds of humiliating spots.
    – A guy friend had all of his clothes taken by friends, left with only a very pretty polka-dot shirt and some pants. True to his personality, he wore it all over campus the next day.

    Thanks, Marji, for reminding us today to have FUN!


    • Oh I LOVE those ideas! I confess that sis-in-law is a cat lover. When we did her house, we strung up her stuffed Garfield to the ceiling fan and left it spinning. LOL!

      And yes! I caught your BOO! Woohoo! Got two boos! Too fun!


  8. Am I still within the hour? Boo ! 🙂


  9. Virtual food fight–virtual banana cream pie, because a REAL banana cream pie is too yummy to waste on a food fight. LOL


  10. I’m not much of a prankster, but I do do stupid, embarrassing stuff all the time. Like the time I was at DFW airport, got my boarding pass and had to go to the bathroom. I ran into the opening, took the wrong one and stopped short when I saw the back of suite’s. I whirled around and ran into this broad chest. He smiled and said, “I was going to tell you you were going in the wrong one.” I smiled and looked over his shoulder. The entire group of people waiting for the same plane watched my performance.


    • Ha! We can’t truly laugh unless we’re willing to laugh at ourselves, right? This so sounds like something I would have done! I hurt for you! LOL!


  11. Not a prank, but a true April 1st story, as promised last week: When Mother was 43, great with child, she labored long on March 31st and delivered David after midnight. When the nurse came to her asking information she said, “Would you rather have his birth certificate say he was born on March 31st or April 1st? Mother, wishing to be legally correct, replied, “It should be the second, shouldn’t it?” When the certificate came, the birth was recorded as April 2nd. David learned this story when he was in his 30’s. So tomorrow we celebrate my “baby” brother’s 57th birthday.


  12. One of my favorite pranks was pulled on a friend who was also my boss and an assistant public defender. He is a nice guy who to this day still looks as if he’s sixteen. At that time, he was unmarried, and he was trying to get several items off his to-do list because he had a vacation planned, and he asked me to fill out a form for something to do with a club that his mother wanted him to join. He left for vacation, and I decided to play a joke on him. So I made a copy of the form. I filled out the original correctly and mailed it for him. On the copy of the form, I answered the questions as if it were a “dating” survey. What are your interests? Answer: I’m a young Jewish man looking for a woman. I would like to date with an eye toward matrimony. I’d like 3.5 children…” You get the picture. Then I copied the copy, and I placed the copy in this inbox, which of course, he’d emptied before heading out on his vacation. During the two weeks he was gone, however, I placed other mail, files, etc., in the box, and I completely forgot the “dating survey.” Well…three days after his return, he managed to clear out his inbox. I ‘d forgotten the survey, but he barreled out of his office on his way to court, he gave me a look that if looks could kill, I wouldn’t be sharing this with you right now, and he stormed off to the courthouse. Two hours later, he returned.
    I tiptoed in his office trying to find out if I’d missed filing an important pleading…you know like remembering to file the Motion for Stay of Execution for a death row inmate… “What did I do?” I asked. Brian and I never fought. I mean the guy came to my house and I helped him with his makeup when he wanted to go dressed as a woman to a Halloween party.
    He pulls out the “dating survey.” His olive features turn crimson… “My mother belongs to this club. I was joining it to be nice to her. Why would you do this to me?”
    I nearly fell over in laughter.
    Brian nearly stomped the life out of me.
    “It’s a joke.”
    “No! This is a copy. You sent the original like this!” he thundered.
    “No, I made a copy of the original,” I managed to say as the other attorneys and secretaries came to see what in the world we were arguing over.
    “You’re not that smart,” he said.
    I told you we were good friends, right? Otherwise, my looks wouldn’t have been what I’d have tried to kill him with. “Obviously, I am, and you fell for it.”
    I had to have three other attorneys and two other secretaries vouch for my ability to pull of a joke of that magnitude, and to this day, I believe Brian checked with his mother just to make sure. He would never admit to it, and he got retribution by placing a love letter to a judge on the judge’s car windshield…with my signature.


  13. We’ve never pulled many pranks on April 1 (one of our loved ones died on that day, and the way we learned about was weird, so…)

    But one prank we pulled on my mother at Christmas is still a fond memory. My dad bought her a nice set of kitchen knives she’d been eyeing, and he knew she’d figure out what it was if we just wrapped it normally. So he challenged us kids to find a way to keep it a surprise.

    We lived on a lake, and just that week had found a bowling ball on the shore. (???) So we put the wrapped knives in their box inside a much bigger box and set the bowling ball inside. Then we wrapped it – without cushioning the bowling ball. Every time we moved the box, the ball would roll around inside. My brother made a big deal of poking small holes in the side of the box so my mom would think whatever was inside was alive.

    It’s a wonder she didn’t strangle us all! But it was great fun!


    • Ha! I’ve got to remember that next Christmas! Have been threatening to get my mom a dog for years! She always fusses at me because she’s too busy for a pet! I’m SO going to pull this on her!


  14. Oh. Hey! I just noticed this comment section EL OH EL!


  15. Oh, man…college was a prime time for pranks. I’ll have to resurrect those memories during the day today.

    One public prank I saw several years ago came from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. It was during the height of the Deion Sanders days with the Cowboys. The front page was filled with a huge photo of him in a Rangers uniform, and the headline announced that he’d joined the team for spring training. Definitely eye-catching!


    • I think I remember hearing about that one! Definitely a primo prank. I’ve got a couple of college pranks to share. One of them, I just added below and another – amazing prank – I’ll share later today. Can’t wait to hear yours!


  16. Oh, these are so fun and funny! Cute idea, Marji!!!

    I’ve never been much of a prankster, but the worst I ever did to someone was to place an order at the local florist for a dozen stems–not roses or flowers of any kind, just their stems. The florist thought I was nuts until she realized what I was doing, then she went above and beyond. They delivered a very fancy arrangement to my friend/coworker: a dozen stems plus greenery and a handsome black bow. Considering there wasn’t a flower to be found, it was a very pretty arrangement, and the florist got such a kick out of it, she didn’t charge me even for delivery. My friend was a sport about it, keeping them on her desk and bragging about what her “friend” had given her.


  17. This is my best prank ever. One day I picked up my mail and there was a wedding invitation in the stack. You know how you know what it is from the way it feels. I turned it over to see the return address to see who was getting married and set it aside without opening it. A few minutes later I said to myself, you just made a huge assumption, you better open it to make sure it is what you think it is. It was what I thought it was, but It got my wheels rolling. I was in my 30’s and single.

    I went to Kwik print and order 100 simple wedding invitations with this wording

    The pleasure of your company is requested
    at the wedding of
    Lyndie Blevins
    To Be Announced
    Some month, Some day,
    In the Year of Our Lord

    First Baptist Church, Duncanville

    April Fools!

    It had the double envelopes and a piece of tissue paper. It cost me about $15.00 and postage. I mailed them so they would arrive on April 1. My mom practically disowned me and made me not mail them to certain of our friends.

    The response was incredible. Almost everyone that reported back, were so upset by the thought that they ‘didn’t even know I was dating anyone’ that someone else read the invitation to calm them down and have them read it again.

    The odd thing was. I wasn’t dating anyone, but I had no idea so many people cared whether I was or not. Overall, after people had a chance to calm down, it was a great success and more that achieved my goals.

    Eventually, everyone did talk to me again….


  18. The best prank I ever saw played was by an author named Jim Butcher. For those unfamiliar with his work, he writes fantasy books. One of his offerings was a trilogy of short stories about Bigfoot. Last year, he announced that he was writing a trilogy of fantasy romance novels about Bigfoot. He had people going all day. It was hilarious!


  19. This is a great idea, Marji! What fun! Thanks for doing it.

    My best and only April Fool’s Day prank was to put a rubber band around the head of the sprayer hose on the kitchen sink. That kept it in “on” position and then I turned it so it was aimed at whoever was standing at the sink. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see any of my family get hit, but hubby, #1 son and daughter all got to shower in the kitchen that day. They still talk about Mom’s prank.

    When I was a kid with two younger brothers, my one brother and I often put our youngest brother in his place, because of course to us, he was a spoiled brat. Mom kept our school pictures on the mantel over the fireplace. They were in those cardboard frames that were open on three sides and you slid the picture in. Baby brother couldn’t reach them but we could, so we’d turn his picture upside down, or even backward so only the white back was showing. Then we’d wait for him to notice. It never failed to upset him, and as soon as he went crying to Mom, we’d switch the picture back and run outside to play.
    Years later, when we were all grown up, Mom had our framed senior pictures on the wall next to the kitchen table. The whole family (6 kids) were together for a special meal one day. Mom brought the dessert to the table, gasped, and said, “Who did that?” We looked at the wall, and baby brother had managed to hang my sister’s picture upside down without any of us noticing.

    For a short time, while my sister was in high school, she shared a double bed with baby brother who would’ve been 5 or 6 at the time. She came home late one night from a date, climbed into bed and found that we had short-sheeted the bed. She looked over at baby brother who was sleeping comfortably and couldn’t figure how we managed to short-sheet half of a double bed. We didn’t. He was just small enough to fit.


    • Hahaha! Those are great pranks, Mary! I never had a talent for short sheeting, but when we did the raids on the apartments, one of the other girls would do the short sheet. My then-fiance and his roommates didn’t fall for it though. Not when the bed was the only untouched thing in the apartment. LOL!