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Interview-Janice Olson

I have a special interview for today. I’m NOT chatting with Janice Olson, author of Serenity’s Deception and Lethal Intent. I’m speaking with her hero, Philip Bradley. Philip is the hero from Janice’s novel, Lethal Intent, the 2nd stand-alone novel in her “Texas Sorority Sisters” series. Here’s YOUR challenge. In which hero archetype that we’ve studied would you think he falls?

SupremeCourt buildingMarji: So delighted you decided to visit Faith~Driven Fiction. We’d like to get to know you a bit. What do you do?

Philip: I’m a lawyer, and I enjoy practicing law—helping people. I love solving problems and providing solutions to others’ legal dilemmas. But I hate the perception in a lot of peoples’ minds that all lawyers are shady sharks, out to get all they can from you.

Marji: I see. You’re not the typical stereotype, huh? Well, if time and money weren’t limitations, what would you spend most of your days doing?

Philip: I might not work as long and as hard, but I plan on practicing law until I die, may even get into politics—we need a few honest men in Washington. I would also do some traveling – visit new places and experience new things, because it would give me a greater appreciation for the everyday norm. I would give at least one month out of my year to help in the third world countries—drill water wells, build churches and houses, and work for better education and health for the people.

Marji: You really have a heart for folks. So what is the greatest limitation you have?

Philip: Fear. Fear that I will not be able to protect those I love. Fear that I will fail and fall short of my loved ones’ expectations. Fear that someone or something will take what I want most away from me.

Marji: Oh and fear can have such a stranglehold. Sounds like there’s a story behind that answer. Does your family play any role at all in your life?

Philip: Yes, my father and mother. We are close, but not as close as I’d like because of the distance. They live east of Dallas about fifty miles, and it’s difficult to find the time to visit often, but I do my best to visit them at least once a month.

sailboatsMarji: They seem to have had a great impact on your life. Besides visiting with them, where do you go when you need to relax?

Philip: I go to Lake Grapevine. On my boat when I set sails, I am master of the wind. The peaceful sound of cloth snapping tight to the breeze, the waves slapping against my boat, and the occasional spray of water on my face makes me feel alive, yet gives tranquility to my soul, freeing my mind of all that is troublesome. That’s when I can sit back, relax, and enjoy God’s handiwork.

Marji: Oh that’s downright magical. I would think a great place to take a lady. Speaking of ladies, what is your ideal of a date? Where, when, and what would you do to make it special?

Philip: Were we speaking of ladies? Well, okay. My ideal of a spectacular date—being with the one I love. I would make it special by driving out into the country, finding a nice, deserted, quiet spot by a river or lake. I’d spread out a blanket, throw out some plush pillows to lean on, and then pull out a picnic basket full of bread, meat and cheese, some veggies, and for desert—chocolate dipped strawberries. Once the mood was set, I’d bend on one knee, take Madison’s hand in mine, and ask her to marry me. (Sorry to say, this isn’t how it happened at all, but sure would have been nice, if I could have talked Janice into writing it into the book.)

Marji: Ha! Authors can be so stubborn sometimes, can’t they? LOL! So what personality flaws would be a deal breaker with a lady wanting to attract your attention?

Philip: Someone who lies, cheats, is a flirt, and thinks only of themselves. My track shoes would be on and I’d be moving out the door so fast, I would be a blur in her mind. A woman with those traits I wouldn’t put up with for one second, let alone look at twice, no matter how good looking she was.

Marji: And your thoughts or expectations of marriage?

Philip: Marriage is for life. There isn’t a bail out clause in the marriage contract. There’s no trial basis either—where you move in together—it’s marriage or nothing. Marriage is a commitment to love, show respect, and give honor to your mate. I expect my wife to be faithful to me as I will be faithful to her. And finally, there are no secrets in marriage. As God sees and know everything about us, we are to be open and above board with our mate. I think I better get off my soap box because I could go on and on about the expectation of marriage. However, it all boils down to love and commitment.

Marji: You have a unique outlook in this day and age. So glad you’re serious about your faith and your focus. What traits should your leading lady have?

Philip: She should have strength of character and be strong in her resolve, that when faced with the defeat she won’t give up but continue to fight for what she wants. A good humor so that she can laugh in spite of her circumstances. Resourceful, quick-witted, and creative, so that she can think on her feet at a moment’s notice and improvise with what is at hand.

Marji: What traits did your author give your heroine, Madison Fletcher, that you don’t appreciate?

Philip: Off hand, I can’t think of one. I believe she’s just about perfect and fits my picture of the ideal woman. Well, come to think of it, there was one flaw I didn’t particularly like … she didn’t want to accept my help, wanted to face her problems on her own. However, I … well, I can’t tell you that or it might spoil the story for some of Janice’s readers.

Marji: You seem very sure of yourself, what you want and expect. Have you found any personality flaws in yourself that have surprised you?

Philip: I never thought I’d be as vulnerable as I am, but where Madison is concerned, I am, and I don’t like the feeling of helplessness.

shreddedbeeftacosMarji: Okay, goofy question: Would you rather eat tacos, pizza, fried chicken, or a salad?

Philip: Give me shredded beef tacos any day, or for that matter Tex-Mex, or even Cal-Mex. If you haven’t guessed, Mexican food is my favorite.  Born and raised on the stuff.

Marji: Oh, I should have guessed that, being from these parts and all (Texas). I’m a Tex-Mex lover myself! Okay, time to tattle on Janice. How difficult is she to work for?

Philip: At times, Janice wouldn’t let me hide my true feelings. I didn’t like it that she made me face my worst fears or drudge up old wounds, but when I did, I found I could deal with them better out in the open.  She also wouldn’t let me have my way at times, until I proved to her that my way was better. As a whole, I think we worked together fairly well.

Marji: I’m so glad that Philip Bradley could be with us today and happy that Janice decided to write his story. You can find Janice and more about Philip’s book, Lethal Intent, at her blog,

Here’s a little about Janice:

Janice Olson is the author of fast-pace, character-driven romantic suspense. Her novels are praised as clean, wholesome reads with twists and turns, conspiracies and intrigues that provide hours of breathtaking entertainment. Her latest release is Lethal Intent. Janice is also public speaker who loves to connect with her audience and give words of encouragement and of purpose. You may contact Janice at: and her Website is:  Look for Chameleon to be released Summer 2013, and Precious Pearl, a daily devotional, to be released Fall 2013.  For Janice’s book Lethal Intent, click on the link below.

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