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So enjoying the Wednesday analyses of different types of heroes. Some of these fellas are just downright tough to nail down. Last week, we spoke to Philip Bradley from the novel Lethal Intent by Janice Olson. From his answers to the questions, I think he might have been a Chief – enjoys things where he can be in control, and his fears dealt with things he’d be unable to accomplish. Would you agree?

Today’s guest is also a hero – totally different type of person and I’d love to hear what character type he is! Today, we’re interviewing Fr. Frank DeLuca, pastor of Prince of Peace church.  We meet him as the protagonist in James R. Callan’s mystery/suspense Cleansed by Fire.

cover-Cleansed_by_FireMarji:          Father, I’m so glad you were able to be with us today. What do you love about your job?

Fr. Frank:  Working with the youth of our parish, and our town.  It’s trite but true.  The youth are the future.  I love working with them – so much energy, so open to learn, so willing to simply enjoy life, and not jaded by the world.  How could anyone not love that experience?

Marji:           I’m a teacher. I totally get what you’re saying. What do you hate about your job?

Fr. Frank:   That’s easy.  Bookkeeping.

Marji:           Again, I can commiserate! So where do you go when you need to relax?

Fr. Frank:  Another easy one.  Church.

Marji:          Does your family play any role at all in your life?

Fr. Frank:  My family has been and still is a very important part of my life.  I was blessed with great parents, and a terrific sister.  Perhaps my only regret is that I am not able to spend more time with them.

Marji:           Yes, but your passion for benefiting the youth of your community must make the sacrifice easier. What is one thing that stands out in your memory as a success?

Fr. Frank:  I think that would be that in the midst of the exciting secular world of college I was able to hear, and heed, God’s call to enter the seminary.

Marji:           Do you have a secret hobby or talent?

Fr. Frank:  Well, it’s not really a secret. But I love basketball, played a couple of years in college.  I still love to shoot some hoops whenever I get a few minutes.

Marji:           Actually, I heard that you were a star at U.T./Arlington.

Fr. Frank:  No, no.  Just a member of a great group of guys.

Marji:           Didn’t you single-handedly beat S.M.U. one game?

Fr. Frank:   Hardly.  It was a team effort.  I happened to score the last few points, but nine other guys did the hard work.

Marji:           Was it seven points in the last ten seconds to win by one point?

Fr. Frank:   It was six points.  But, as I said, without the rest of the team, those points wouldn’t have done anything.

Marji:           Okay, I won’t press the issue. How about a random question? Would you rather eat tacos, pizza, fried chicken, or a salad?

Fr. Frank:  Those are all favorites.  But if truth be told, ice cream and pies are at the very top of my list.  I give those up during Lent, and those are the longest forty days of the year for me.

Marji:           Oh yum! And better, pie WITH ice cream, right? LOL! What is your greatest fear?

Fr. Frank:  That the youth of our town will get tricked into the drug scene.  This is such a terrible thing and yet we have people who will do their best to entrap the young kids.

Marji:           I can see your heart for the young people, so I think I know the answer to this next question, but I’ll ask it anyway. If given a choice, would you rather lead a field trip of 3rd graders on a nature hike, lead a parent meeting about how to discipline boys, or write a manual about the psychology of a pre-adolescent?

Fr. Frank:  That’s easy – take third graders on a nature hike.  You have a chance to let them see the wonder of nature, to learn to appreciate what a fantastic world God has given us.  Third graders have minds that are like sponges, eager to soak up knowledge.  And I think we often ignore the marvels of nature in today’s educational system.

Marji:           Yeah, I had a feeling that would be your answer. So how about some introspection. What personality flaws in yourself have surprised you?

Fr. Frank:  I have trouble controlling my temper.  When I see people trying to corrupt our youth, my anger tries to take over.  If I could maintain a cool head, I might be more effective.

Marji:           Cool heads do work better, but sometimes it’s just tough. How difficult is your author to work for?

Fr. Frank:  He’s okay.  Sometimes he forgets that my main mission in life is to serve God and his church, to help people appreciate the great things the Lord has given us.  He tends to get caught up in secular problems.  Not that those shouldn’t be addressed.   And, sometimes he lets my weaknesses show too publically.  Like everybody else, I’d rather he just present my best side to the world.

Marji:           What would be your dream job?

Fr. Frank:  I have my dream job. I wouldn’t change anything about it.  Oops, that’s not quite true.  I wouldn’t mind if I could avoid all the bookkeeping.  Maybe if I had an accountant to handle all of that, then I’d have a really heavenly job.

Marji:           LOL! Well, I’m so glad you came by.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Fr. Frank’s author, James Callan, and I’m so glad he shared his hero with us today!

Your turn: What category do you think he might fall into? If you’re having trouble remembering them, they are listed and linked below. They also have a spot on the right column where I have them listed and linked. Or does he not quite fit yet? There are three more types coming.

jim-color-formalBrief Bio of James R. Callan

After a successful career in mathematics and computer science, receiving grants from the National Science Foundation and NASA, and being listed in Who’s Who in Computer Science and Two Thousand Notable Americans, James R. Callan turned to his first love—writing.  He wrote a monthly column for a national magazine for two years, and published several non-fiction books.  He now concentrates on his favorite genre, mysteries, with his fourth book released in February, 2013.


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  2. Nice, Marji! I love interviews with characters! Aloha! –Cheryl


  3. I’m not sure he quite fits any of the hero types you’ve listed. The Professor is closest.


    • That’s EXACTLY what I thought. I think he might be a little mix between the professor and the carefree swashbuckler that we’ll discuss in a couple of weeks.


  4. What a GREAT and fun interview, Marji!


    • Thanks! And thanks for dropping by. I’ll be setting up some new interviews soon. Would love to chat with your new heroine, Christie. So looking forward to relaxing with Miss Fishfly!