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I Have a Dream …

MLKtightartMartin Luther King, Jr. made a bold statement 50 years ago. He spoke from the deepest places of his heart to translate the desperate need for change in our environment. What a difference his words made. Then and still. To all ages. And all races.

I think the thing about MLK’s dream that made it most moving is the fact that it wasn’t just about him. Sure, it built from his own experiences and the fruition of the dream could affect his life and the life of his children and grandchildren. But the dream itself encompassed a broader spectrum.

Do you have a dream like that?

My Dear Boy does. He leaves in just a few days for a foreign country where he will spend the next year trying to make a difference for the Lord. Not only does his dream include sharing the Gospel with his coworkers and neighbors. But he hopes that his skilled labor can start the repair of a devastated district in a war-torn land. He also hopes to meet the Lord in a way he never has before.

His dream melds a personal goal with a huge, whole-picture hope.

I have a dream something like that as well. I know so many dear ladies, once on fire for the Lord and excited about accomplishing His work. After years of enduring the negatives of this world, they’ve simply cooled. These same women inhale books – romances mostly – sometimes just to feel again, but often for the enjoyment of living in another life, if only for a few hours. I want to write books that draw in these women and show them that God is still there, calling them to Him like He encounters the main characters in my books. I want them to taste a life that is dependent on Christ and dedicated to Him. To believe that they can have that real experience with Him as well.

And I do want to provide for my family. A personal goal mixed with a larger hope.

Is my dream anything like MLK’s or even Dear Son’s? I think so. Though not as eloquently put – heck, I couldn’t have recited Martin’s first sentence without bawling! But I think anytime any of us have dreams that reach beyond ourselves, our ambition or profit, that’s a dream worth having.

Your Turn: Do you have a dream?

Author: Marji Laine

Marji is a recently "graduated" homeschooling mom whose twin girls have blessed her by sticking around the nest for a little longer. She spends her days directing the children’s music program at her church and working with the authors of Write Integrity Press to put out the best possible version of their books. Raised in suburban Dallas, she got her first taste of writing through the stories of brilliant authors of their day, Mignon Eberhart and Phyllis A. Whitney, and through stage experience. After directing and acting in productions for decades, Marji started writing her own scripts. From that early beginning, she delved into creating scintillating suspense with a side of Texas sassy. She invites readers to unravel their inspiration, seeking a deeper knowledge of the Lord’s Great Mystery that invites us all.

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