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Review – Critical Condition by Sandra Orchard


A couple of months ago, I announced to y’all the top 10 books that I wanted most to read this year. Almost all of them are romantic suspense or mystery novels with a Christian focus. A few weeks ago, I chose one at random to read, I can now add another check mark to my list. 

Critical Condition by Sandra OrchardThe book I chose, Critical Condition by Sandra Orchard is published by Love Inspired SuspenseCritical Condition proved delightful. I struggled right along with Tara, trying to protect her daughter and shield her own heart. And I walked along with Zach, determined to steel his feelings against the two females who wiggled their way into his life.

While I did figure out the mystery part of the story along with the motives behind it early, the true tell of a book (for me, anyway) was how it made me feel. And Critical Condition ignited emotions. Tears fell when the weary heart surrendered to the Father. And again when the emotional pain of a character overwhelmed. Though I don’t think I laughed anywhere, the ending proved satisfying.

I give it an enthusiastic four and a half stars. The only issue I had was one section where a key component disappeared. A minor and brief situation that seemed … messy, I guess is the best word. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and look forward to experiencing another of Sandra Orchard’s books soon.

Well, after the others on my list!

Here is the information from the back cover:

There’s a murderer in the hospital, and nurse Tara Peterson is determined to prove it. With mysterious deaths in the cancer ward, anyone could be next. But no one wants to believe her…except undercover agent Zach Davis. The murderer wants Tara’s suspicions silenced, permanently. To protect Tara, Zach lets her in on his secret, and unwittingly into his heart. Tara and her three-year-old daughter are like the family he lost years before. Zach will risk everything to keep them safe, no matter the cost.

Your turn: What’s the last fiction book you read? And don’t forget to visit on Wednesday to meet Sandra!

Author: Marji Laine

Marji is a recently "graduated" homeschooling mom whose twin girls have blessed her by sticking around the nest for a little longer. She spends her days directing the children’s music program at her church and working with the authors of Write Integrity Press to put out the best possible version of their books. Raised in suburban Dallas, she got her first taste of writing through the stories of brilliant authors of their day, Mignon Eberhart and Phyllis A. Whitney, and through stage experience. After directing and acting in productions for decades, Marji started writing her own scripts. From that early beginning, she delved into creating scintillating suspense with a side of Texas sassy. She invites readers to unravel their inspiration, seeking a deeper knowledge of the Lord’s Great Mystery that invites us all.

4 thoughts on “Review – Critical Condition by Sandra Orchard

  1. I usually read six novels at a time. That makes it hard to answer your question. I suppose the last one I finished was Jack Higgins’ “Drink with the Devil”.


    • Wow, 6 and once? I usually start that many, but then I pick one at a time to read through. Now, I’m not even doing that. I’m going through my book list one at a time.


  2. Wow, Marji, I’m thrilled to hear that Critical Condition made your top ten want-to-read list. So pleased to hear that you enjoyed the book. I’d love to hear (via Email) what disappeared. If I can include it in my bloopers on my bonus features page without giving away anything, I will. 🙂


    • The reason I didn’t explain it is because it was a bit of a spoiler. Sure wouldn’t want to do that! But I’ll send you a note!

      Looking forward to updating my reading list and including your latest!