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Review: Once Upon a Prince by Rachel Hauck


Once upon a princeOnce Upon a Prince is the quintessential contemporary fairy tale. But that description only describes part of the story. Rachel Hauck utilizes literary devices that infuse this tale with realistic characters, themes, and circumstances. The characters seem very true to life. Susanna has warts. She is rather weak, indecisive, and prone to whine. And yet I’ve met women just like her. Nathaniel seemed dreamlike. A true gentleman, he was as comfortable cleaning toilets and taking out the garbage as he was standing before his country’s parliament. Almost too good to be true. In fact, his dedication might have proved his undoing.

The author is a master at placing seemingly random objects in a scene in order to convey the emotions churning without actually naming them. Examples of her metaphors are easy to find throughout the book. I turned to a page near the front where Susanna discusses a failed relationship. She reaches up and snaps a dead twig

Princess Ever After

from off a bush. Can you tell her emotion there?

I enjoyed the story, but found myself rereading parts of it to understand the political undertones with which the plot dealt. But I came off the end of the story feeling satisfied and content. Tears bunched during broken moments, and I’m always a sucker for stories that show fulfillment of faith. All in all this was an exceptional book. Though long, it offered an easy and engaging read. I got downright giddy when I had to wait for something – carpool, dentist office, because it meant I got to read another section. I’d say that’s the mark of a successful story!

And here’s the great surprise. The second book in “The Royal Wedding Series” just released! Look for Princess Ever After at your favorite book-seller’s site!

Your turn: What’s your favorite Fairy Tale? I’m a Cinderella gal, myself.

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  1. Hi, Marji. I thoroughly enjoyed this book as well and look forward to reading “Princess Ever After” sometime before the end of the year. LOL! Great review. Blessings!


    • My daughter and I are chomping at the bit to read Princess Ever After, but I have too many on my list to jump into it right now! Hoping to get to Princess Ever After really soon!