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Fathoming God: El Elyon


stonehengeI’m switching dates around a bit to work with my part of a blog tour. I’m hosting Beth K. Vogt and reviewing her new book on Thursday. So we’ll have the Faith~Drive before we have the fiction this week.

This name for God goes well with last week’s name, El Olam. Last week, we studied Everlasting God. This week, we delve into the era of gods and goddesses.

Every city had a god they proclaimed. This one of battle, that one of fertility, another of agriculture. In Genesis 14:19, this was the culture into which Abram brought his wife and all of his possessions, following the leading of his God Eternal.

And from the city of Salem, Melchizedek the king came to bless Abram. See, his city worshiped the Most High God. El Elyon. And El Elyon led Abram to that place. He also sent Melchizedek to confirm His blessing to Abram.

I think it’s so cool how God uses us to be His hands and feet, and even heart from time to time. A buddy of mine told me that her hubby was stressing greatly over something. He’d gone to a park to try to chill for a bit. A stranger saw him. Came and asked if he could pray for him. YEAH! An amazing holy peace followed that prayer. Not because of the man praying or the words spoken, but because of the One to Whom he spoke. El Elyon – Our God Who is Higher than our troubles.

Or any other god for that matter.

Of course, these days, we don’t deal with the little stone idols, the many confusing deities. Instead, each person will worship their children, their jobs, their spouses, their lifestyle, their possessions, their country, or themselves. We may not indulge in ancient mythology, but worshiping other “gods” is still rampant.

But our God is Most High. The God above mythology, humanistic theory, and philosophical rhetoric. He is God when other objects of worship fail and fall. When nothing else satisfies or fills the deep, God-sized hole that we have within us.

This name is used throughout prophecy as well. How comforting to know that the things which will happen are not surprising to Him. And that He is Higher than the ones which hope to cause destruction.

Your Turn: Have you ever been on the serving or receiving side of God’s hands and feet?

Author: Marji Laine

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