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Review: Somebody Like You by Beth K. Vogt

HB SomebodyLikeYou_4.inddI’m so blessed to be part of Beth K. Vogt‘s Blog Tour! I had never read any of her work before this book, yet I already respected her. She has led several virtual classes on the My Book Therapy site. I’ve learned so much from her and appreciate her generosity in sharing her skill! 

So the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed this book doesn’t surprise me one bit!

Haley Ames, Hal to her brothers and even her late-husband, prides herself in her strength. She’s not a girly girl who will faint from difficulty. Her tough name reflects her exterior and the face she shows to the world.

But meeting the mirror image of her dead husband tears through her mask. Once the vulnerability begins, can she stop the bleeding? And does she want to?

Sephen Ames enjoyed losing the “and” that went along with being an identical twin when he and his brother had a falling out and moved apart. But hearing about his brother’s marriage and death at the same time pour out guilt and regret. Stephen embarks on a journey to learn more about his brother. He didn’t expect the man’s tomboyish widow to entice him.

IMG_2603This book has a huge “What if” premise. And as a mom of twins, I can say it’s a realistic one. While identicals can fool anyone at first sight, those who spend a lot of time around them will identify them by personality and mannerisms. Usually unique to each child.

My girls (the dinky twinkies) have fooled everyone for years without even trying. Yet anyone who knows them very well can differentiate between Glamour Girl and Spunky without any trouble at all.

So is the case in Somebody Like You. A twin herself, Beth Vogt portrays that relationship with authenticity and compassion. The twins in the story are so alike, and yet so different. Even in archetype. Sam, the fallen soldier, is a SWASHBUCKLER, while his surviving brother is a BEST FRIEND.

Then there’s Haley, the typical tomboy on the surface, who gives off the look of a SPUNKY KID. But deep down, I think she’s a WAIF. Not a typical damsel in distress type of WAIF, but a woman hit with one tragedy after another who has a spine of iron and the mantra of Nike. Just Do It.

This book presents a genuine journey from identity to essence, full of mistakes, brokenness, misunderstandings, and heart. I loved the book! Somebody Like You offers a heart-touching read of laughter and tears. Excellent choice for Faith~Driven Readers.

I’m thankful to Beth K. Vogt and Howard Books for a free copy to participate in Beth’s Blog tour.

Your Turn: Have you had a recent experience with twins? Identicals?

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