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Freedom: Prayer

prayer2If My people, who are called by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

At first glance, one might think this promise a prayer during the tribulation of Israel when poor kings led the people astray. But it wasn’t. This was a promise God made to Solomon on the occasion of the temple dedication. At the height of Israel’s blessing. So wealthy was the country, that silver was no longer valuable. Gold and precious stones were plentiful so that anything less might as well be regular rocks.

But even then, God saw what would come. The failure of His people to be faithful to Him. Their destruction and despair. And long before they needed the outlet, God told them He would be there.

You might think, “Yeah, but this was written thousands of years ago, to the Jews.”

prayerBut as often is the case with Old Testament promises, this one applies right here, today, to anyone called by God. Personally, I believe that the Jews are still God’s people of the promise. Paul makes it clear in his writings that they receive first blessings when they accept their Messiah. The fact that God made covenant with Abraham and that He is a keeper of promises confirms that fact.

But we are also people of the promise. Children of the promise, to be exact. And anyone calling themselves Christian are literally “called by My Name.” The true weight of the statement isn’t who we are. The weight lies in what we do.

  • Humble – bowing the knee. This attitude (if not the physical position) is essential for submission before God.
  • Seek – striving to follow. This action takes a ready posture. In tuned to His urging and prepared to move as He designates.
  • Turn – put our backs to those things that distract us from Him. It’s easy to point fingers at sins we don’t participate in, but it’s sometimes harder to see those that plague us. Judging, envy, pride, laziness, greed. Those are wicked ways as much as adultery, stealing, or murder.

PrayerPraise God that we live in a country that allows us to pray. In fact, we can pray in most any public place in America. Instead of focusing on the places where we can’t pray, take action to talk to God in places where He’s allowed (LOL). Not with an in-your-face loud prayer. (Jesus cautions against praying so that others can hear us.) But with a sincere conversation with your Father.

We are so blessed. There are too many places in this world where even a quiet or silent prayer to our God has disastrous results.

And while you’re praying, humble yourself, seek His face, repent, and pray for our country. That God would heal this land that He gave to us.


I was inspired by a call from Billy Graham’s daughter, Anne, to spend the first 7 days of July in prayer for the United States. Her article is here. I hope you will join me in this challenge. Anne writes:

Pray! in the 7th month, July
Pray! on each of the first 7 days of July
Pray! and fast on July 7th for 7 hours

Our country so desperately needs to return to God. “Protect Your people, Oh Lord.”

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