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First Dates: Jackie Castle

couple on the beach silhouetteThe love story blooming in my second book, Grime Wave, inspired me to explore some first dates by some of the best in Christian fiction romance and suspense. Before I put them on the spot, I shared one of my experiences HERE.

This will be the final article of this series, but I have certainly saved one of the best. Jackie Castle is a local buddy and highly successful independent author. Her White Road Chronicles series is speculative allegory in the same league as JRR Tolkein and CS Lewis. No, I’m not exaggerating! Make sure you check out her information at the bottom and by all means try her latest, Radiance, or the first book, Illuminated – you’ll be hooked!

Jackie’s Story

The thing I remember most about our first date was that I was afraid to go out with Bob alone. So I insisted my friend come along with her boyfriend on a double date.

See, he was one of “those” guys.

Let me explain. Bob worked on a housing construction crew and everyone knew those construction guys were base, dirty, smelly, and liked to whistle at girls when they passed by. Matter-of-fact, the first time I actually met Bob, I was leaving work, and he was stopping in to fix the tanning beds at the hair salon I worked at.

jackie CastleHe whistled at me while I walked out to my car.

My friend, the receptionist at the salon, later invited me over to her house where all these construction guys liked to gather after work. Like they didn’t have enough time together on the job site. Anyway, once these guys were cleaned up, they were actually nice looking and fun to hang around.

Bob caught my eye from the start, despite the rude whistling. (Who am I kidding, I was kind of flattered).

While the other guys complained about work, the heat, or other stuff, Bob would sit there with this big grin making jokes and laughing as if he’d just won a trip to Disneyland.

Soon, my friend told me a couple of the guys were talking about asking me out. I sneered my nose at that thought, but then gave a shrug and said I thought Bob was cute and funny and out of the whole lot, he was the only one I’d consider going on a date with. I no more than got home when who should call? Yep, Bob.

I was horrified at first. But I did agree to go out, so long as we went with my friend. I wanted to make sure I was in a group. You know, playing things safe. Ha.

Well, thirty years later, I’m happy to say, I’m willing to still go on dates with Bob. Alone, even. And he still grins and makes jokes and laughs as if he just won a trip to Disneyland.

RadianceDon’t Miss Jackie’s Latest!

My latest Release: Radiance- Book Four of the White Road Chronicles

I will say, love is in the air in this latest installment of the White Road Chronicles. Alyra’s memories have resurfaced and she realizes all the sacrifices Tarek has gone through to help her escape Racah. Lotari and his new wife, Esdra will complete their union to join their lives together and Jerin will finally ask that burning question he’s been dying to ask the beautiful maiden warrior, Carah.

Blurb: The Truth Comes Out…Choices Must Be Made…

The Dark Lord Darnel knows a Curian has returned to the Halls of Knowledge. He must stop this spark before it turns into a raging fire.

Alyra’s memories have returned. The staggering truth about her past and her former master is more than she can bear. While Lotari and Stitch try to finalize the building of the Wilderland Meeting Hall, she and Ethan are proving to be a hindrance to their plans. Alyra must decide if she should stay and work through the trials facing her quest, or give in to Lord Darnel’s demands.

Katrina has more help now than she knows how to handle. Tarek, the Racan traitor, is now in her service along with the warriors Jerin and Carah. Jerin is commissioned to help train the townsfolk as they attempt to reclaim the city of Denovo. Katrina must decide if she should give up the search for her missing people, or stay in hiding from the one who knows her secret.

Alburnium can only be saved if everyone will put aside past grievances and stand together for the common good. Unfortunately, wounds run deep and forgiveness means mean weakening defenses in a time when a strong defense is needed more than ever.

Your Turn: Jackie’s fellow reminds me of some folks who were so much more than I expected when we first met. Have you had that experience?

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