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Christian Fantasy and Allegory Review: IGNITED by Jackie Castle

IgnitedThough fantasy isn’t usually my genre of choice, Jackie Castle’s books have made me flexible! Her White Road Chronicles have been such a blessing to me, my daughters, and even their friends! Her latest, book 5, is titled Ignited. Don’t you LOVE the cover! (Well, in this case, it’s good to judge! The book’s even better!)

The short version from Amazon:

A passion to stand ignites in the hearts of the Alburnium people….

The time has come to band together and stop the evil ruler from taking over Denovo and Wilderland, but the friends of Aloblase are still scattered across the land. Sacrifices will need to be made and promises broken if they hope to keep the cities intact.

Alyra and Tarek’s patience wears thin with the lost remnant of Curians hidden in the mountains of Tarest. Locked away in the dungeons, Tarek is ready to bring the mountain down on the stubborn Wisdom Keepers while Alyra hopes to reach a peaceful solution. However, the suspicious Curians have their own way of dealing with trespassers.

Lotari and Stitch struggle with the choice to wait for Darnel to make the first move or attack head-on before the evil lord’s forces reach the borders of Wilderland.

Jerin and Katrina work to fortify the borders of the ancient Halls of Knowledge. Hope that the Curians might soon return is hindered when Racah’s supporters threaten all they’ve worked hard to build in the city of Denovo.

Our Take:

For this book, I’ve let my teenagers take the lead. They were so excited to receive this free copy from the author for this review and relished every opportunity to read it.

There were many “Oh my gosh” moments in this story! Romance, surprises, twists, and visits from ultimate good as well as ultimate evil squeezed out the words over and over from my daughters. Here are the things that “Sparkle” and “Spunky” had to say about the story.

Sparkle’s Thoughts:

The story starts at 80 miles an hour and stays intense throughout. The fighting scenes are epic. Just enough action without the gore. And I love the romance between Alyra and Tarek. It’s sweet how they protect each other, but I loved how King Shaydon, (God), comes first in their relationship.

Living through the experiences of the unique creatures of Alburnium not only pulled me into the story, but I had a terrible time of putting the book down.

Spunky’s Opinion:

I enjoyed the comparisons between the Bible and this fantasy. Issah, a focal point in the story, walks with the characters, arriving when they need him most, just as Jesus walks with us through our journey of life and the trials we have. And also, I enjoyed how Mrs. Castle used the elderard as a teacher for Alyra. I can see how the teacher could be the Holy Spirit. Truly inspired.

Mrs. Castle vaulted me into Alburnium with her characters, each main one in a different place and with their own adventures, but focused on the same goal. The land itself seems beautiful, but it’s the characters that really draw me in.

Your Turn: I so appreciate my sweet Sparkle and Spunky for sharing one of their all-time favorite authors with me. Do you get to share books with your kids or friends? What book stands out?

OH! And I almost forgot that Jackie Castle is giving away a free e-copy of this very book! If you want a chance to win IGNITED, visit her interview and leave a comment there!


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