Marji Laine: Faith~Driven Fiction

. . . Authentic and Intense

11 thoughts on “Special Announcement: A New Chapter in My Life

  1. Great news, Marji! So excited for you. 🎉🌷


  2. Congratulations Marji! I’m very excited for you. From author to publisher is a giant step up and I know you’ll be wonderful at it. Again, 🎉Congratulations!


  3. Congratulations Marji, this is wonderful news. So happy for you!


  4. Prayers, love and support for your new venture! Congratulations! By the way, I miss seeing your smiling face!! :). HUGS.


  5. Wow, Marji! That’s awesome! Congratulations! What an exciting time!


  6. Congratulations! You’ll be great in your new role ☺


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