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Celebrating the Fourth… and other things!

GB12x1831Happy Fourth weekend! I hope you’ve got great plans for celebration.

Here in North Texas, it’s HOT HOT HOT! (And not in any sort of good way!) My girls are returning from a retreat in the mountains where they’ve been bragging about the cool climate. My only consolation about the heat is that they’re coming back to the hottest temperatures so far this summer.

Yeah, I’m gonna figure out a way to blame them for it. 🙂

The truth is, I have more than the Fourth of July to celebrate this month! My 4th book in the Grime Fighter Mystery Novella Series releases sometime around the 15th! Woohoo! In honor of GRIME FAMILY I’m offering GRIME BEAT (book 1 of the series) for free this weekend! If you haven’t read it, download the ebook and enjoy!

And be sure to share about this freebie. I’d be happy to never sell another copy of GRIME BEAT again if folks will take full advantage of its “free-ness”!

Your turn: Aside from reading an outstanding book, what do you enjoy doing on the Fourth of July?

Dog Days of Summer are coming!

Wake Walk Naptime“It isn’t the heat that will get you, it’s the humidity!”

Either way, the dog days of summer are those breathless days when the pool and iced drinks are bigger lures than chocolate. (Is that even possible?) When air conditioning becomes your best friend.

The daily walk gets Continue reading

Two Most Beautiful Words

pow cartoonWhat are the most beautiful words you know? I’m fond of onomatopoeia, and classificatory. Something about the rhythm and feel of the way the words roll off.

But other words have a special type of beauty within their meanings:

  • Grace
  • I’m Sorry
  • Resolution
  • Reunion
  • Family
  • Yes
  • Paid in Full

I bet you could add some of your own to this list. I hope you will share your thoughts in the comments.

One of my favorite phrases is The End. I love finally typing in those words on my final scene when I’m working on a story. In fact, even though they aren’t necessary anymore, I add them. (Okay, I usually remove them during the revision phase, but it feels so good to type them in!)

Grime Scene cover7I’m a list-maker. And I’ll even add something to my list that I’ve already done for the simple delight of checking it off. So the prospect of finishing a writing project, even a shorter novella, tickles the tar out of me.

But that’s what I did this week. Grime Family furthers the story of Dani and Jay which began in Grime Beat and Grime Wave. This 4th story picks up where Book 3, Grime Spree, left off, with Dani facing a first meeting of Jay’s family in the Piney Woods of East Texas. As if meeting a houseful of Hunters isn’t enough, Jay’s parents seem secretive and take an instant dislike to her. Add to that a revenge-focused sheriff, a kissing-bandit ex-girlfriend, oh… and of course a dead body, and Dani has her hands full. Again.

Luckily, she also has Jay who remains willing to help her juggle. For now.

I hope to share an excerpt and my newest cover in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for the release of Grime Family!

Your Turn: What words would be in your top 5  favorites list?


Research: Strange Questions

typing-1242387-639x424Writing mysteries and suspense, there are some strange questions that I deal with. I bet most authors could chime in and share some crazy questions they’ve had to research, or better, some interesting conversations they’ve had!

In the first Continue reading


First Dates: Carrie Stuart Parks

love-in-a-cliff-1308836The love story blooming in my second book, Grime Wave, inspired me to explore some first dates by some of the best in Christian fiction romance and suspense. Before I put them on the spot, I shared one of my experiences HERE.

Today, I’m delighted to welcome Continue reading

First Dates: Patricia PacJac Carroll

sunset-691995_1280The love story blooming in my second book, Grime Wave, inspired me to explore some first dates by some of the best in Christian fiction romance and suspense. Before I put them on the spot, I shared one of my experiences HERE.

Today, I have a Continue reading

Same Empty Space

office-1Have you ever noticed how most offices look alike? I mean remove the paintings and extraneous furniture or maybe an add on here and there and you have the same empty space, Right?

That concept inspired my newest book! Continue reading

How Do You Give It Away?

file7411252893790There’s an old clichĂ©: One good turn deserves another.

A more recent one is like it: Pay it forward.

Among authors, I hear about “giving it away.”

The “it” being the writing itself. And why not? I’ve Continue reading


Top 7 Reads for May

stack of booksIf you’ve visited my blog at all, you know that my debut novella, Grime Beat, is only a month old. But it isn’t the only new Christian Fiction out there. Here are some good bets that have made it to my reading list. If you like Christian or clean romances, mysteries, or suspense, these books should be on your list as well!

I’ve divided my list into categories depending on what I know of the author and the type of story that their blurb suggests.  Continue reading

Marketing Your Indie Pub

I’ve learned so much from this experience with my new independently-published GRIME BEAT. Today, I’m delighted to be visiting with Sandra Ardoin on her Seriously Write blog, sharing some of the things I’ve learned and others that I’ve gleaned from those with even more experience. I hope you’ll say hi if you stop by to visit!