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Mercy’s Files

CoverWoohoo! The books are shipping out fast! Yes! My very first in-print book, The Heart Seekers Series, is now available from Amazon. If you haven’t gotten to visit, you can find Mara’s journals that travel across the first story (A Dozen Apologies) and Brent’s emails to his sister that wade through his second story (The Love Boat Bachelor).

After Brent found his happily-ever-after, one of the gals he didn’t choose returns to real life and gets a completely unexpected turn. Not only did her time with Brent spark interest in a chance Continue reading

Brent’s Emails

love boat bachelor

When I get my hands on my very first print book, you’ll know about it! Promise!

It’s really funny how this series all came about. Mara really started it all, leaving a trail of wonderful, kind, fun, and genuine characters in her wake.

And did I mention heartbroken? Well, we couldn’t jest leave the poor guys like that! And so, The Love Boat Bachelor was born. Well, he was actually closer to 30 years old when he became The Love Boat Bachelor.

But the title wasn’t his fault. Blame his meddling sister and his well-meaning best friend for contriving to get this poor guy Continue reading


Mara’s Journals

A Dozen Apologies CoverThe Heart Seekers Series is complete and in print! Way back when these stories were brand new as e-books, each of the stories had extras included here on Faith Driven Fiction. Well, those articles are back!

First up is Mara’s journal. In the novella, A Dozen Apologies, Mara Adkins, a promising fashion designer, has fallen off the ladder of success, and she can’t seem to get up.

In college, Mara and her sorority sisters played an ugly game, and Mara was usually the winner. She’d date men she considered geeks, win their confidence, and then she’d dump them publicly. When Mara begins work for a prestigious clothing designer in New York, she gets Continue reading


Bonus Features

bowl-of-popcorn-1329429-1599x1049Okay, confession time. I don’t go to the theater to see movies anymore. I actually saw someone chew out Facebook friends for not supporting Christian movies by going to the theaters on opening weekend.

Please don’t flame me if you share that point of view. I simply don’t Continue reading


My First Book in PRINT!

HeartSeekers FRONT CoverIt’s out! Woohoo! The Heart Seeker Series is finally out and in PRINT!

This book is such an amazing blessing to me in so many ways! First the fact that it is, indeed, my first book in print. I don’t have my copies, yet, but there really is something about holding that book in your hands! Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE e-books. My iPad is FULL! But holding a print book in my hands that I actually helped to write – oh my, that’s special.

I haven’t actually experienced it yet! Anticipation is a beautiful thing, though! Like Christmas morning’s gifts that hang around the tree all month long.

The second thing that I love about this book is that my very first published book is included as a special gift! The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt became an Amazon best-seller! Yeah, my first time out of the gate, I was on a top 100 authors list for 8 days. I ranked higher than Leo Tolstoy! Hows that for a laugh!

Seriously, though, I can’t take credit for that. The story is absolutely charming and the chapters, all by different authors, entwine seamlessly.

And that leads to the third bit of awesome about this book. These authors that I’ve had the pleasure of working with are flat-out amazing! Their writing is sharp and engaging. Their concepts are cutting-edge creative. And they’re delightful ladies! I’m thrilled to have been a part of these teams. And I feel even further blessed to call our editor friend!

Another thing that jazzes the tar out of me about this book is that of the four stories included… (Yes, I said four. All complete. All romances. All precious stories of faith.) I got to be an author on all of them! God is so good! And His timing was PERFECT! That’s a story I’ll have to tell another time! Maybe next week!

Last, but not least, I have to share a little buzz. This is like the school-girl crush type of buzz that shimmered right through me when I looked up this book on Amazon to get the shortcut link. Right there under the title. Right by the word author… my name. Tickled doesn’t begin to describe my excitement! Check it out for yourself HERE! Squee!

I cannot wait to hold this baby in my own hands. Feeling a little like a first time momma right now!


3 Ways Mercy Follows

eagleThat title sounds downright profound. Don’t get me wrong, this is a deep message, but on the surface of things, Mercy is actually the main character in my latest book which you can get free right now. (Here’s the Link!)

In the story, Mercy Lacewell  feels rather listless. She has no Continue reading

2 Great Reasons

CoverToday, July 1, is the release day of my latest publication! Woohoo! I’m excited,

but . . .

YOU get the best part!

There are 2 great reasons for you to visit today!  Continue reading

Revelation of my Hero!

CoverFay Lamb is sharing secrets! All of the authors of Unlikely Merger are being connected to their heroes, and mine was revealed! Check out Fay’s blog to not only find out who I wrote about, but where his character came from and what celebrity inspired me!

Boom Hunt!

_bbpanoramaI love guest posting! Today I have an article on road trips and a boom hunt featured at the Write Integrity Press blog! Check it out!

Will you’re there, make sure you vote for your favorite hero!

3 Reasons to Vote

voteUsually when a life or a future is at stake, we don’t, as a democracy, hold a vote to decide someone’s fate. In real life, our choices – right and wrong – along with our Father’s leading determines our direction.

However, fiction is a different *story.* 🙂

1. Help Needed

In Mercy’s case, she’s at a crossroads. Ten different fellas have made an impact on her heart. She needs
your opinion on which will bring her happily ever after.

2. Continue reading