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Priority: Jodie Bailey

JodieBailey2014My series on priorities – Taking up your cross daily to follow Christ – has spread to a number of different authors. I’m loving getting to meet new people and learning how the Lord is working in their lives.

Today’s post is from Jodie Bailey, author of newly released, Quilted for Christmas

This time last year, God let me know clearly I was to Continue reading


Hold Tight to the Call

failJennifer Slattery joined me on Tuesday for a visit. And today, she’s back to share some of the inspiration found in her new novel, Beyond I Do!

“Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill

Failure. Ouch. No one likes that word, and I’m pretty sure many will do whatever they can to Continue reading

New Review up at Suspense Sisters!

I’m so excited to be a reviewer for Suspense Sisters. Today’s book is Raptor 6 by Ronie Kendig. I haven’t read all of her previous books, but I have experience with many of them. This one has a totally different feel.

Get Ready for Ruby! Guest Post by Sheryl Holmes

Sheryl HolmesI’m so delighted to welcome Sheryl Holmes, a co-author of The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt and author of her own story, Towdah.

The aroma of turkey dinner still lingers in the air.  The countdown begins!  Sales abound and stores compete to fight for your attention, the kid’s lists are set before you, and there is no more room on the calendar squares to write-in one more party, gathering, or place to be!  The Christmas season is upon us all and the flurry of chaos lures us, draws us, pulls us into the whirling funnel.

What to do?  Where to go?  What to think? Continue reading

Inspiration from Jennifer Fromke

IMG_2578I’m not calling you a horse, but . . . I sort of am . . . Metaphorically.

I drive past a farm almost everyday and the horses are usually grazing in their pastures as I pass. The pastures are huge. Like maybe an acre for 2 horses. And there’s nothing but Continue reading


Interview: Author Jennifer Fromke


I’m so excited to host one of my co-authors for not only The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt, but also for Heart Bouquets. AND she’s also a co-author of A Ruby Christmas, which releases next month. (Oh my gosh, that’s just next month!) Continue reading


Inspiration: Guest Post by Sandra Orchard

algonquin mountaintopI’m so pleased to finish out Sandra Orchard week with a guest devotional. What a delight it is to hear her heart! I’m so glad to have gotten to know her this week and hope that you’ll take the opportunity to visit her website and pick up one of her books!

I’m going to do a Your Turn early, so make sure you read to the end. A particularly fun link is on the bottom.

(Once you finish reading) What was the last exceptionally difficult thing you did and what did you learn from it? Do share and show some love to our Author of the Week!

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Paths of Faith

I LOVE this man’s analogies! Great stories to drive home his viewpoints!

like a child for Jesus

Have you ever been hiking in a densely wooded area and you came across a path that look interesting; then as you turned onto that path and continued down it, you realized that it was a very low-traffic path, sometimes disappearing altogether and making you feel nearly lost?hiking1

Yeah me neither,

I don’t get a chance to hike much. I wish I could, because I know that I would love it, but the climate and topography of Dallas, Texas doesn’t allow for much hiking fun; or if it does, I have yet to know about it. Despite my physical hiking drought though, I have come to realize that my Spirit has been doing a lot of hiking over the past few years. In fact, if you’re a Christian, your Spirit has probably been doing a lot of hiking too.

Recently, though I’ve found my Spirit taking on brand new trails…

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Are You Dancing?

Today I have a guest blogger, a young lady of seventeen with a faith that inspires. Katie Elise. I hope you are as moved by her words as I was!  Continue reading


Check it out! My dinky twinkies are on Jennifer Fromke’s blog today!