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Philadelphia Freedom

I’m so blessed to have been able to help sponsor our your choir’s mission opportunity last week! What am amazing time full of challenges and blessings! You can see from the pictures (in chrono order) that we did a little touring early in the week. The students even sang in Lancaster County – LOVELY! They also sang Sunday morning at Olney Baptist Church, one of the sites for our morning VBS activities. Each evening had a different event: visiting the Rocky Steps and the Reading Terminal Market, canvassing a large neighborhood to share about VBS and visiting a Liberian church, singing and cleaning at the Salvation Army, and hosting two block parties in different neighborhoods to stir interest in a church and a church plant. Busy week, but most satisfying to see the Lord move.

Happy Fourth!

EagleflagI’m so thankful to the Lord for the blessings He’s give our country. Oh, how He’s shown His love. In fact, when I hear the song, “God Bless America,” I always think of a bumper sticker I saw that said “America bless God.”

If only we, as a country, would unite ourselves to this purpose as we once did.

What else should we ask from Him? What other blessings are we entitled to?

And yet, He is so gracious and adoring. He lavishes His love on His people. How great is our God. May America come to realize His greatness again!

3 Reasons to Love an Ugly Stepsister

StepsisterLast weekend I got to have the most fun doing something really strange – hating. Not real hating of course, but acting the part of the bad guy – not a role I usually play on the stage, and I hope very rarely in real life as well. But this was so much fun! “What is this Feeling?” from the musical Wicked, was not only great to sing, but physically showing “loathing” was probably easier than it should have been. LOL!

But the experience got me started thinking about the Ugly Stepsisters that I encounter. People who Continue reading

A Look Ahead

2016Last week, I set my Word for the Year and took A Look Back at what I’d been able to accomplish during 2015. You can find both of those articles at the underlined links. Now, on the first business day of the year, I’m down to business!

Have you set your goals for the year yet? Of course, it’s hard to look 12 solid months ahead, but setting goals will get you closer to achievement even if you don’t completely meet all of them. Like I said before, I break mine into Continue reading

A Look Back

January 1Have you looked back at 2015? What did you accomplish? What goals did you fail to achieve?

I’ll tell you mine, if you’ll share some of yours! I break my goals into business, family, and personal ones.

This year actually proved rather successful as far as business goals went. I didn’t set them until a workshop in early March, but they still spanned the entire year. In my business, I intended to Continue reading


Word for the Year

word for 2015I really like the tradition I learned about a few years ago. The words that have been impressed upon me have stayed with me throughout the year. Two years ago, I lived with the word ANTICIPATION. I thought I’d be anticipating traditional publishing for my novels. That wasn’t the case, though. God revealed several other opportunities and surprises.

Then last year, I realized that I needed more Continue reading

Wonder of Christmas

Christmas TreeThe lights on our family  Christmas tree twinkle non-stop, and I find myself mesmerized by them from time to time. Even when I’m supposed  to be working. And I heard something about Christmas lights the other day which I adapted into a little Christmas Tree Personality Quiz. Did you know your tree speaks volumes about you?  Continue reading