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I Love a Good Mystery!

Forensic Technology

scene-vision from 3rdtechResearch is a necessary part of writing, even in fiction. I confess, I almost called it a necessary evil! LOL! The truth is, I usually enjoy digging into the setting of a story, but with my recent story, I had a special bit of research that I needed to complete.

My newest book, Grime Wave, was partly inspired by some Continue reading


Put the Gun Down!

old gunHow many cop shows and books include this line? I was watching a movie the other day. I thoroughly liked this one, just for the record. At the most exciting part of the movie, the bad guy is Continue reading

Marketing Your Indie Pub

I’ve learned so much from this experience with my new independently-published GRIME BEAT. Today, I’m delighted to be visiting with Sandra Ardoin on her Seriously Write blog, sharing some of the things I’ve learned and others that I’ve gleaned from those with even more experience. I hope you’ll say hi if you stop by to visit!

“I’ve Written This Book …”

Murder she wroteI’m a huge fan of Murder, She Wrote. I used to get tickled when so many “aspiring novelists” would ask Jessica Fletcher her opinion on their manuscripts.

Now that I am an author, I have no idea how Jessica could possibly have had time to read all of those manuscripts with all of the other responsibilities and tasks authors have to do.

Oh yeah. She’s a Continue reading


Archaic Writing

20150223_163441I’m coming off a seriously traumatic week last week. Well, it seemed like it at the time. I sat in a local Best Buy trauma care center (known as Geek Squad) and heard the worst. “There’s nothing more I can do here.”

Ach! I had to surgically detach my fingertips from my precious keyboard and allow the “doctors” to wrap it up and send it via electronic Care Flight (UPS) to some unknown destination where the experts will attempt to right my baby. And this coming the day after Continue reading


Coming up!

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working with a group of exceedingly talented people. I so enjoy collaborating with them to create stories. We have three as of today. All of them single stories of inspiration and romance, and all of them written by multiple authors.

A Dozen Apologies Cover A Ruby Christmas FULL COVER The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt

Continue reading

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What to Expect from a Freelance Editor

Writers, getting ready for conferences need more than just business cards and synopses.You’ve written an amazing story, but you need a second opinion. That’s just one of the things a freelance editor can do for you.

High Concept – What’s your story about at its core? This goes beyond the plot or the characters. It connects with the reader on a level that moves them. A strong high concept can  Continue reading

2015 – My Word for the Year

2015 wordI love the tradition of, through prayer and meditation on scripture, finding a word to focus on through the new year. Last year, my word was Anticipation

At the time of the choosing, the word dealt with my career, I was sure. God blessed my family with other anticipations as well: Continue reading


NaNoWriMo Sacrifice

2013-Winner-Vertical-BannerI LOVE November. Last year, I wrote almost all of the 100,000 word contemporary romance that I just handed over to my agent. The year before that, a romantic suspense that is currently in play.

I love the challenge. Love meeting new people. Love logging in my words at the MBT NaNo Challenge as well as the main NaNo website. And I TOTALLY LOVE spending October planning out the novel to the last detail. One of my favorite things.

This year I’m viewing NaNoWriMo differently. The last few months in Continue reading

Character Moments

WMbubblesI’m preparing to teach a class on creating and analyzing characters to a bunch of home schooled high schoolers. I confess, the prospect and planning have kept character attributes on the forefront of my mind.

I sat in the mall food court the other day, (teenage sleepover event) and made little notes about everything I noticed. Continue reading