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National Award-Winning books!


Last night, I had the delight to attend the American Christian Fiction Writers Gala where the best Christian fiction from 2012 was honored.

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Writing Conference: 5 Expectations

The authors agented by Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency are a praying bunch!I learned so much about the publishing industry last year at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas that I wanted to share what new folks might expect to see in Indianapolis. I’ve been to another writing conference this year, so these five items are pretty universal. Continue reading


Writing Conference: 5 Necessities

DFW Ready WritersI’m hardly a seasoned veteran of writing conferences, but I learned who to ask pretty quickly when I had questions. One of my biggest worries last year was what to bring to the national American Christian Fiction Writers conference. It was my first of any writing conferences so I asked some of my mentors and friends from the Dallas chapter of the ACFW. Here are their answers from last year. Continue reading


Pre-Conference Mix and Mingle

Sharon Srock, Marji Laine, and Bonnie Calhoun at the 2012 ACFW Conference Gala.In a few weeks, wait, less than three – YIKES – I travel to Indianapolis to a national writing conference for the American Christian Fiction Writers. This is a huge conference where authors, writers, agents, and editors all mingle. I’ll be meeting with at least one editor, and going to several intense workshops to hone my writing and learn more about the publishing industry in general.

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