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2015 Word: Walking in Light

light and darkI did something stupid the other day. On a rainy, cloudy night with no moon, in my dark house, I didn’t want to wake Sweet Hubby who had fallen asleep on the couch. I turned off the T.V. and made my way to our room. No problem. I even shut my eyes. I couldn’t see anything, anyway.

The problem wasn’t getting to my room. The problem was Continue reading

Lessons from a Christmas Tree: Shine

pictureI saw a post the other day on Facebook. I don’t remember by whom, but all I saw was, “Lessons from a Christmas tree.” I chose to read no further, for the title alone sparked all sorts of ideas for blog articles. So far, I’m at 5 posts and I think I’m done writing them. But who knows? They’ll be spread throughout this month. Please chime in with your own thoughts! Here are the links for the other articles: Lesson 1, Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4, and Lesson 5.

Lesson 6


This is not the same as Sparkle, though it does have Continue reading