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A Writer’s Mind: Distracted

A red squirrel coming out of my hinged head.

You know that dog in UP? I swear the reason everyone likes him so much is because they’re all closet ADD sufferers and they identify with the canine that is so terribly sincere, but can’t keep his mind on a single topic for more than a few seconds.  Continue reading

A Writer’s Mind: Opinionated

chocolate_milkMy daughter is stirring up a glass of chocolate milk. We’ve found a sugar free version that I originally bought for myself, but the snack has become an every (or close) afternoon tradition for my precious redhead. It got me thinking about this topic though. Once the chocolate is in the milk, it isn’t coming out.  Continue reading


A Writer’s Mind: Comedy

WMbubblesConfession time: If you read the last A Writer’s Mind articles you got a taste of the creepy things that can go on in there. You also learned about thoughts that filtered through my mind at the funeral of a dear, sweet lady. Continue reading


A Writer’s Mind – Diabolical

WMdiabolicalA while back, I shared about how creepy it can be inside a writer’s mind. But seriously, there are all sorts of things that go on in there and the ideas/inspirations/distractions/squirrels can pick the most inopportune times to pop out. Continue reading


A Writer’s Mind – Creepy

WMcreepyI was talking to a new friend, at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference, about stand-out romantic suspense authors. I gave her my favorites, most of which I’ve shared with y’all: Colleen Coble, Dani Pettrey, Lynette Eason, Ronie Kendig. Then she named an author I hadn’t read.

Continue reading