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Conference Reflections

Becky Yauger and I got to be Munchkins at the My Book Therapy Pizza Party

Munchkins Becky Yauger and Marji Laine

Last year at the ACFW Conference here in Dallas, I was a newbie. I had this lovely little brown flag hanging off of my name tag that said First time attendee. It was like a free pass proclaiming, “Gotta love me, cause I don’t know any better.” Continue reading

National Award-Winning books!


Last night, I had the delight to attend the American Christian Fiction Writers Gala where the best Christian fiction from 2012 was honored.

Have you read any of these books? Continue reading

Writing Conference: 5 Expectations

The authors agented by Terry Burns of Hartline Literary Agency are a praying bunch!I learned so much about the publishing industry last year at the American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas that I wanted to share what new folks might expect to see in Indianapolis. I’ve been to another writing conference this year, so these five items are pretty universal. Continue reading


Pre-Conference Mix and Mingle

Sharon Srock, Marji Laine, and Bonnie Calhoun at the 2012 ACFW Conference Gala.In a few weeks, wait, less than three – YIKES – I travel to Indianapolis to a national writing conference for the American Christian Fiction Writers. This is a huge conference where authors, writers, agents, and editors all mingle. I’ll be meeting with at least one editor, and going to several intense workshops to hone my writing and learn more about the publishing industry in general.

And I LOVE the idea that Laurie Tomlinson had! Continue reading


A Writer’s Journey

My Grandfather's TypewriterWriters have unique challenges. Unlike other professionals who send in a resume and interview to get a job then spend their time working that job, writers must create the equivalent of a resume for every book they write. That made me think about what I’ve learned so far about the publishing path. Continue reading


Conference Encounter #3

I’ve been sharing a few interesting moments from the recent ACFW Conference here in Dallas last month. For the first two installments, visit HERE and HERE.

This final encounter is not easy for me to share. Indeed, I still owe this event a good cry. You know how you get that goofy feeling when you see someone unexpectedly. Think of a

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Conference Encounters #2

A writing conference is a great place to make friends and influence people, unless you have a twisted tongue like mine. My mouth is always getting me into trouble when it starts stumbling over my teeth. You can read my last week’s encounter HERE! Continue reading


Conference Encounter #1

My mouth.


I know I talk like a Texan, but really … does my tongue have to increase the sound of naivete by stumbling around inside my mouth? Yeah, I’ve got specifics: Continue reading


Top Ten Things I Learned at the ACFW Conference

The ACFW Conference was amazing from the volunteer tote-packing on Wednesday to the Gala on Saturday night! (Check here to see a note about that!)

Last weekend my biggest prayer was that I wouldn’t miss the things that happened around me. Ha! Flat-out impossible.

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ACFW Gala Bound!

I’ll be sharing all that I learned from the conference of the American Christian Fiction Writers during the next couple of weeks, but I thought you might like to know about the Gala on Saturday night! Felt like a red carpet event! And the carpet was reddish, so …

As I got ready in a borrowed room, I shared this little clip! Continue reading