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Resolving Troublesome Resolutions

Last Friday, I started an article about the problems with New Year’s Resolutions. Today’s article deals with setting up resolutions that can work. Hopefully you can find a few ideas here. Oh and if you missed last Friday’s article, here’s the linkContinue reading


Why Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Do you make these? I suppose I have from time to time, but this year, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’m wasting my time. After all, does making these impossible aspirations really do any good at all?

I bet you think I’m going to say, “Of course it does!.” But I’m not. Usually always the first to encourage and go all Pollyanna, I haven’t actually decided if I like New Year’s Resolutions or not.

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Ideas are Flowing

Matthiessen WaterfallDo you ever wake up in the middle of the night and just have to write something down? That has been happening to me constantly week. Story ideas, marketing thoughts, blog posts. They’ve been coming in a waterfall breaking over the rocks of reality.

Seriously, I drove out to the mid-cities on Saturday and thankfully had my IPad in the seat next to me. One of my apps is a recorder with a big red button on it. I gave it a push and started spewing out the scene that had been rumbling through my head since I woke up. Does it count as writing if it isn’t down on paper? Maybe half-credit? LOL!

The same thing happened a few nights ago with a picture I found at Pinterest. (Have I mentioned that I LOVE Pinterest?) Tons of ideas spewed out of that one. I’m even featuring it in tomorrow’s blog so come back!

But much of the droplets have fallen on the stone cold reality of my busy schedule. I tell folks that I homeschool and I think images of eating chocolates on a lounger float across their minds. Ha! Shows what they know – it’s chocolate cake on my couch. So there!

No really, I know everyone has their own flavor of craziness. I’ve always been told in ministry to give jobs to busy people because they know how to get them done. I’m probably a fair example of that, but I have learned to use the word no when necessary. Still, this week has started out with the arrow pointing near overload on my busy-ness gauge, so while ideas have been flowing, only short notes and scratched out hints have been written.

But the ideas are flowing – woohoo! And I do have notes and scratched-out hints when life slows down again – and it will. Prom is 5 weeks away. I’ve done it for six years now. Life comes to a screeching halt when it ends and I get some of my best writing done! Can’t wait!

All-in-all, as this first round of ROW80 2012 nears finality, I’m not nearly as far down my writing road as I wished. I didn’t complete a novel like I did last time, but that one is taking on a whole new path with my revisions. And I expected to be able to complete those revisions, however, that expectation came before inspiration. No argument there. Can’t say that I’m really disappointed about anything except my lack of exercise. Will continue to work on that, though.

One more week to go!