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Christian Fantasy and Allegory Review: IGNITED by Jackie Castle

IgnitedThough fantasy isn’t usually my genre of choice, Jackie Castle’s books have made me flexible! Her White Road Chronicles have been such a blessing to me, my daughters, and even their friends! Her latest, book 5, is titled Ignited. Don’t you LOVE the cover! (Well, in this case, it’s good to judge! The book’s even better!) Continue reading


Interview: Debut Author Keisha Bass

PERMANENT-RESIDENT-AT-THE-PURSE-TABLEbI’m so excited to host author Keisha Bass today. Her debut novel, Permanent Resident at the Purse Table, has just released. Don’t you love the name? Seriously, it brings up all of the insecurities I had as a child and still struggle with.

And though I haven’t read the book in it’s entirety, I did get to critique on some of the initial chapters. Keisha just gifted me with my very own signed copy this weekend and I can’t wait to put it to good use! Here’s the premise of the story: Continue reading


Interview: Kellie Gilbert Heroine


I LOVE today’s author and was blessed to travel through her journey to publication at our weekly critique group meetings. (She a dynamite critique partner!) I can’t tell you how the shivers ripple up my spine every time I see this book cover. What an amazing story!  Continue reading


Review – New Must Read!

Oh, friends, I found a treasure! How did I miss this author for so long! Well, I won’t miss her anymore, that’s for SURE! This book has everything: blood-curdling intensity, challenging mystery, fiery romance. A definite MUST READ! Continue reading

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Pink Party – The Last Hurrah!

Today is the last day of my Pink Party! I’m so thankful that you joined me during this special time! What a GREAT week! Did you miss any of the events? Continue reading

Four Marketing Ideas for Authors

My experience with The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt set my mind whirling about marketing. What a brilliant concept! Starting the story off in the blogs stirred up all kinds of buzz! But there was so much more to this idea! Continue reading



I found out some news right before Thanksgiving and have been bursting! Seriously! That very day, I received yet another rejection and thought, “Well, that’s it. Back to the drawing board.” Then I learned the most WONDERFUL NEWS! Check out the details HERE, then come back and read my take on the situation! Continue reading

Winning Announcement!

The winner of the September New Releases Clash is…
The Road To Mercy by Kathy Harris Continue reading

Book Review: Refuge on Crescent Hill by Melanie Dobson

The solution to this mystery, and the evasion to the danger that threatens, lies deeply emeshed in the history of a beautiful old house full of secrets.

Can you tell I loved Refuge on Cresent Hill? Here’s the back cover information from Melanie Dobson’s website.

Continue reading


Book Review – Peril (And A TREAT!)

I spent the most delightful weekend with my girls, chilling and reading a book that I’d wanted to read for some time. Peril, by Suzanne Hartmann had a delicious mystery mixed with suspense, and a setting that I drool over: NASCAR races!

From the back cover: Continue reading