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Round of Words – 80th Day

In the final round of 2011, my successes stood out so obviously. I finished a whole novel in a month and a half – I didn’t think it could be done. So with this round, my expectations were running high.

But with the distractions of life and more importantly, the pressing need to get my written stories in a finished product form, I had little inspiration for a new novel. So what do I have to show for my 80 days? Well the braid gives a clue because things really came together in this round!

  1. A cumulative idea that draws my three novels together in such a tight way, that though the stories stand alone, readers will delight in learning “the rest of the story” as they go along. I’m so excited about that!
  2. Along with the connection to my stories came a marketing plan that I didn’t expect but have been searching for.
  3. A niche idea! That word, when referencing marketing has created such a conundrum for me. But all of the other plans have sparked a great idea that has me excited down to my toes. Find out after April Fools Day!

So though I don’t have a whole new book to show from this 80 day period, I’m well on my way to recreating my favorite three into a series and discovering a doable marketing plan that will allow me to start shopping these ideas soon.

Special thanks to all of the ROW80 folks who have given such enthusiastic encouragement. What a wonderful group you are and I’m so honored to be counted among you!

Wow! Is it any wonder I’m feeling encouraged! And this only includes the last half of the round! Whoosh! If you need support and cheers for your solitary work at the story in your head – and anything that goes along with it – look no further than ROW80! New ROWnd starts in a couple of weeks. Click the link to learn more and visit one or two of the folks above – spread some smiles back at them. And tell ’em Marji sent ya! 🙂

From Writing to Wisdom

I’ve picked out a few awesome articles after pouring through tons of them this week. These really spoke to me and I hope they speak to you.

With assurance
With inspiration
May your wings take flight!

Favorite Blog Postings for the Week

Even though I need to take part of the weekend off, I hate skipping a day on my blog! Especially while I have the time to work on it. Once Volleyball season starts, all bets are off!

So this week as I browsed various blogs – and BOY do I browse – I linked a few onto this post.  These were my favorite posts for the week. I started to do a top ten, but it would be just too tough to choose between some of these!

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What did you see this week that knocked your socks off? Leave a post URL and share what you like with everyone!