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This past week, I had some more milestones with my new goals for ROW 80 and an introductory Vlog.

Monday – Goals for the next 80 days both in writing and life.
Tuesday – An introductory Vlog for the A2Z-Take Two Meme. It’s not too late to start! Continue reading


Do You Need Protection?

Perhaps you can hire new body guard, Tessa Lancaster. After years of working as a strong arm for her uncle, a leader of the Japanese mafia, she's become an expert in reading people, as well as several forms of martial arts.

Camy Tang has created a great new character for book one of her new series. Tessa is downright scary in the prologue, and though I committed to reading the book, I didn't identify with her at all. That is, until I reached the first page of Chapter One, where she led a game of
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Where Do the YIKES Come From?

Marcie with her latest reads. She even has Erica Vetch's new debut novel, A Bride's Portrait of  
Dodge City, Kansas included in her "to read" stack.

Everyday, people pick up books for entertainment, escape, and inspiration. Finding Christ-honoring books is no longer the challenge that it used to be. Christian Fiction boasts some of the best of today's literature. With a variety of genres from which to choose, readers can immerse themselves in stories of love, history, and contemporary fiction. Along the way, the suspense category of Christian Fiction has
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What Were Your Summer Good Reads?

This weekend, I had the pleasure of doing beta-reading duty for one of my critique buddies Patricia PacJac Carroll.

Can I just say that the pioneer historical is the best thing I've read all summer, and I've read some amazing books!

You'll hear about it more, but since she's only just starting her publishing journey, it will be awhile. I'm hoping to pick her brain next week, about her path.

Since I haven't read a book I could review this week, I wanted to clarify my recommendations. I've read 13 Christian Fiction books this summer and found something

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Where’s the Patient?

The last few weeks, after I've expounded on an A2Z virtue, I've applied it to the stories I've been reading lately. Some of the virtues don't show up in stories very often, but I think patience – my offering for the letter P – shows up all the time.

Granted, a good character, one that is realistic anyway, won't always show patience. Part of the "fun" of living the story along with the character is watching the endurance build through slights, annoyances, and frustrations until the point at which the emotion snaps. 

Case in point is within Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. The protagonist, Eleanor Dashwood, is emotionally pummeled from worry, broken promises, prejudices, and unfair practices. Add to that a deep hurt at losing the only man with which she'd ever connected, and it's easy to understand how her stable composure might crack when she learns that the man himself is
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Totally Stumped!

I just finished Camy Tang's Deadly Intent. Can I just say, "WOW!"

This story is more than a suspense novel. The plot weaves in and out of the characters' lives with a master's touch.

Naomi Grant's terror from
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