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Indie Doesn’t Mean Solo!

Writers, getting ready for conferences need more than just business cards and synopses.Watching Jessica Fletcher on “Murder, She Wrote,” I remember so many times when she needed her solitude to finish this story or that difficult scene. She made the occupation seem rather isolated. And she was a traditionally published author – albeit a fictitious one. (Is “Castle” the same way?)

The very label of independently published author sounds like Continue reading

Christian Fantasy and Allegory Review: IGNITED by Jackie Castle

IgnitedThough fantasy isn’t usually my genre of choice, Jackie Castle’s books have made me flexible! Her White Road Chronicles have been such a blessing to me, my daughters, and even their friends! Her latest, book 5, is titled Ignited. Don’t you LOVE the cover! (Well, in this case, it’s good to judge! The book’s even better!) Continue reading


S is for Satisfaction and the Season-End of CASTLE

115162_D_0181How do they do it? How does a TV series hold onto romantic intensity from the first episode and carry it through for years?

CASTLE’s romance came to a head last week with this years season-ender. Kate Becket finally accepted her feelings for Rick Castle and flung herself into his arms for a series of passionate kisses. Most avid watchers would feel the delightful satisfaction with a little flavor of it’s about time.

But it punctuates my point. How in the world did the writers accomplish this feat? Same thing with other shows like MOONLIGHTING, and SCARECROW AND MRS. KING. I know there have to be other excellent examples, but I can’t think of them off-hand.

What a balancing act! Establish and press the building romance. Develop a palpable chemistry between two main characters, but keep them at arm’s length. While continuing to establishing intensity between the pair, drive wedges between them.

How in the world did they keep it going for years?

I don’t have answers. What do you think. What was it about CASTLE that kept the two apart. What other show examples can you share? What kept you watching?

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