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Author of the Week: Beth Shriver

Peace-for-Parents-of-Teens-187x300Beth Shriver is my guest today and I’m so excited for her to share this book. Not just because it directly affects my life right now. Well, … yeah, mostly because it directly affects my life right now! But also because peace is one of my favorite topics! Continue reading


Interview: Lena Nelson Dooley’s Catherine

Catherine's headshot (1)
Lena Nelson Dooley
is truly a treasure and her series “McKenna’s Daughters” is nothing short of epic! Her final book, Catherine’s Pursuitthough a stand-alone story, brings the entire trilogy to a satisfying ending. What a remarkable heroine! Continue reading


Interview: J.A. Marx Heroine

Destiny Defied by J.A. MarxI’m so excited to welcome Riki Hammad from Destiny Defied, by J.A. Marx. Riki is terribly intriguing, with so many layers even she doesn’t know who she really is.  Continue reading

Character Interview: Lily Farnsworth from LOVE IN BLOOM

Love In BloomI’m so excited today to be spending some time with lead character Lily Farnsworth. She’s the heroine from Love In Bloom by Arlene James, Book 1 of The Heart of Main Street continuity series from Love Inspired. She sounds like an intriguing character, but I think I’ve pegged her archetype. See if you can! Continue reading


Interview: Kellie Gilbert Heroine


I LOVE today’s author and was blessed to travel through her journey to publication at our weekly critique group meetings. (She a dynamite critique partner!) I can’t tell you how the shivers ripple up my spine every time I see this book cover. What an amazing story!  Continue reading


Interview of A TON OF GOLD Heroine

Crystal Moore is my guest today on Faith~Driven Fiction. Her story is in the novel, A Ton of Gold, by James R. Callan. Question for readers: Can you figure out what type of hero would work best with Crystal?    Continue reading