Marji Laine

I Love a Good Mystery!

Fathoming God: El Shaddai


El Shaddai. I confess, this is the name which originally sent me on my current journey to fathoming God. I’m dating myself to admit that I sang the Amy Grant version of the song “El Shaddai” when I was in college. It contained the names El Elyon and Adonai as well. Funny how, 29 years later, the names drive me to learn what they mean about the God I serve. Continue reading


Fathoming God: I Am

ExodusHow can we understand our unfathomable God with our finite minds? Impossible. But like the blind men trying to comprehend the elephant, we can wrap our brains around specific traits of our God. For the next several weeks, I intend to look at the various Old Testament names of God, which also testify of his character. Continue reading