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I Love a Good Mystery!

I SO Left You Hanging! (Don’t you hate that???)

climber-299018_1920I don’t know about you, but I got to the end of Dani’s last story, Grime Spree and was ready to keep going. After all, the final page ends with a huge revelation as Jay cruises up the driveway of his parents’ home.

Visiting the parents? That’s a biggie in a relationship! Something I’d sure want to read about!

My original plan for this series had only 4 books in it, but if I stuck with that, you wouldn’t get to find out what happened between Dani and Jay’s parents. And SO MUCH happened let me Continue reading


Review: Digging Up Death

I spent a delightful couple of hours waiting in my car the other day while my Precious Redhead delayed coming out of her SAT test. It wasn’t her fault and to call the hours delightful is a stretch. But they were made better by a new mystery from author Gina Conroy, Digging Up DeathContinue reading