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Sylvester_the_CatI did a post not long ago about walking in one direction. Frankly, it’s impossible to walk any other way. I get the picture of a Sylvester the Cat cartoon. The one where he splits in two and runs away from himself until his tail acts like a bungy cord and pops him back together.

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2015 Word: Walking in Light

light and darkI did something stupid the other day. On a rainy, cloudy night with no moon, in my dark house, I didn’t want to wake Sweet Hubby who had fallen asleep on the couch. I turned off the T.V. and made my way to our room. No problem. I even shut my eyes. I couldn’t see anything, anyway.

The problem wasn’t getting to my room. The problem was Continue reading

Paths of Faith

I LOVE this man’s analogies! Great stories to drive home his viewpoints!

like a child for Jesus

Have you ever been hiking in a densely wooded area and you came across a path that look interesting; then as you turned onto that path and continued down it, you realized that it was a very low-traffic path, sometimes disappearing altogether and making you feel nearly lost?hiking1

Yeah me neither,

I don’t get a chance to hike much. I wish I could, because I know that I would love it, but the climate and topography of Dallas, Texas doesn’t allow for much hiking fun; or if it does, I have yet to know about it. Despite my physical hiking drought though, I have come to realize that my Spirit has been doing a lot of hiking over the past few years. In fact, if you’re a Christian, your Spirit has probably been doing a lot of hiking too.

Recently, though I’ve found my Spirit taking on brand new trails…

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