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Mara’s Journal – Chapter 12

Read today's chapter of A Dozen Apologies at Write Integrity Press.

Stun-ning is the best description I can give for today’s post on Write Integrity Press. You’ll just have to check it out to see why.

The story premise: After coming to know the Lord, Mara Adkins feels compelled to try to right the wrongs she committed during her more manipulative days. And she’s got a LOT of victims to encounter. Yet God just might intend that one of them hold her heart.  Continue reading

Get Ready for Ruby! Guest Post by Sheryl Holmes

Sheryl HolmesI’m so delighted to welcome Sheryl Holmes, a co-author of The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt and author of her own story, Towdah.

The aroma of turkey dinner still lingers in the air.  The countdown begins!  Sales abound and stores compete to fight for your attention, the kid’s lists are set before you, and there is no more room on the calendar squares to write-in one more party, gathering, or place to be!  The Christmas season is upon us all and the flurry of chaos lures us, draws us, pulls us into the whirling funnel.

What to do?  Where to go?  What to think? Continue reading