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2 Great Reasons

CoverToday, July 1, is the release day of my latest publication! Woohoo! I’m excited,

but . . .

YOU get the best part!

There are 2 great reasons for you to visit today!  Continue reading

Vote on this Unlikely Merger!

It’s time to settle Mercy’s Unlikely Merger and the responsibility is in YOUR hands!


You have to decide which of them men will give Mercy her happily ever after:

  • Dustin Rogers, Mercy’s co-worker at Lacewell Limited. Due to a crazy ice storm, they never made it to Austin and stopped in Bellville, Texas. (Chapter Two is HERE!)
  • Landon Gates, the owner of Lakeview Inn in Watkins Glen, New York. His dream is to help his sister and others with learning disabilities by giving them training and jobs. (Chapter Three is HERE!)
  • Ric Montoya runs the Montoya Olive Oil business outside of San Diego, California. With a successful company, he’s finally ready to settle down with the right woman. (Chapter Four is HERE!)
  • Gabe Mann, owner of Ally’s Gators in Titusville, Florida. He enjoys the outdoors and hopes to make his farm into an educational tourism place. (Chapter Five is HERE!)
  • Talon Hawthorne, who lives in Madison, Alabama. His dream is to honor his deceased mother by making her Burger Bistro the best it can possibly be. (Chapter Six is HERE!)
  • Digger Grant, the head of the Fourteen Quarters Repertory Company in New Orleans, Louisiana. His experience through Hurricane Katrina has ignited a passion for bringing together all races and cultures within the city districts. (Chapter Seven is HERE!)
  • Levi Shepherd, of St. Louis, Missouri. His work as an IT Director with McBride Mortgage is only a place holder until he can reach his dream of opening a vacation spot that focuses on fishing and families. (Chapter Eight is HERE!)
  • Steve Leclerc, who drives for his brother at Leclerc Trucking in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. His dream is to use the land of his inheritance to build God’s Table, a farm that will supply food pantries and homeless shelters throughout the area. (Chapter Nine is HERE!)
  • Reuben Miller, the half-owner of Trinity Productions in Santa Monica, California. He’s also Rube Miller, the superstar and trying to live down his past with a focus of following God’s leading in his future. (Chapter Ten is HERE!)
  • Daniel Knight, the equine habitat architect that Mercy met in Lexington, Kentucky. After he finishes his current work for his uncle, he’ll return home to Boulder, Colorado. (Chapter Eleven is HERE!)

Your Turn:

Vote Now!

(Voting ends June 24, 2015.)

A Horse of a Different Color

binocularsOur crack team of investigators actually caught up with Mercy Lacewell, the acting Vice President of Acquisitions for Lacewell Limited on her recent trip to Kentucky. It appears that LL’s next target is an architect firm. Ms. Lacewell spent a few hours involved in a meeting with the various directors and associates.

However, as with many of her other business trips, she Continue reading

No Joy in Mudville

muddy foot print

Acting Vice President of Acquisitions for Lacewell Limited, Mercy Lacewell, made a very quick turn-around after her venture into the St. Louis area. Our investigators have confirmed that her trips have been chosen by some secret plotting scheme.

This time, the covert choice directed her to a small town in western Massachusetts. Well, actually to a system of dirt roads outside the city limits. Very wet dirt roads.

We know from our investigative sources that she visited the owner of LeClerc Trucking, a formerly Continue reading

New Job, New Direction

cell phone2Here at Faith Driven Fiction, we’re always searching for stories to spark inspiration. And such is what we have recently found. Through some type of crossed wires, or perhaps one of our crack team of investigators, we’ve been able to Continue reading

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An Unlikely Merger is Coming!

Cover Reveal!

CoverIt’s here! Those of you who read Love Boat Bachelor know that my heroine, Mercy Lacewell, came in second as a favorite bachelorette. (I won’t tell you who came in first because she got to marry the hunky hero, Brent Teague.)

Since Mercy came in second, she became the main character in the newest collaboration novella. This experience of traditional publishing from concept to edits has been so cool! And next week, we get to unveil Mercy’s Unlikely Merger.

I have to tell you, she’s a trooper! Alligators, angry men, olives, ice storms, and elevators: you must check in on her!

Here’s the Short Version of her story:

No longer needed as her father’s nurse, Mercy Lacewell attempts to step into his shoes at his acquisitions firm. That means travel, engaging strangers, and making final decisions—nothing she feels equipped to do.

If her best friend has her way, Mercy will simply marry one of the single, available men she meets, but they overwhelm her. So handsome and kind. And so many. Even if she felt obliged, how could she ever choose?

Chapter one will show up next Monday at And YES, I wrote that chapter and can actually claim it! I wrote another one, but I can’t claim that one because there is a contest with this book as with the others of the series.

Just like A Dozen Apologies, and Love Boat Bachelor began, Unlikely Merger is currently unfinished. We need YOU to help bring it to completion. The 11 chapters will be posted one per day through Friday, June 19. Then, you have the chance to vote for your favorite bachelor.

The man with the most votes touches Mercy’s heart. And she has such a sweet heart! She deserves a good man!

So be watching for Unlikely Merger to begin. Watch for the SAM that can win Mercy. And who knows, you just might fall for one of these bachelors yourself – literarily speaking, of course!

Your Turn: What do you think of this new cover?


In This Together

handsI hope you’ve enjoyed the chapters of THE LOVE BOAT BACHELOR, and I hope you’ve gotten a kick out of Brent’s letters to his sister. Working together as a group of authors instead of just working by myself is pretty challenging, in just the communication zone. But we had some Continue reading


Coming up!

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working with a group of exceedingly talented people. I so enjoy collaborating with them to create stories. We have three as of today. All of them single stories of inspiration and romance, and all of them written by multiple authors.

A Dozen Apologies Cover A Ruby Christmas FULL COVER The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt

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12 Free Apologies!

Read A Dozen Apologies. Mara Adkins from A Dozen ApologiesEveryone needs forgiveness and Mara Adkins is no exception.

Wow is that an understatement. Sort of like saying she’s not entirely graceful. Or that the things she works on are sometimes less than successful.  Continue reading


Ruby’s in Paris – Thoughts on Chapter 7

A Ruby Christmas FULL COVER

Today is MY TURN! Yea! I sent Ruby to the City of Light!

Woohoo! Today is my turn! Scroll down for the Pinterest Game Picture! Hope you’re doing well with that! You can bet I’m playing along!