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10 Reasons to Party!

fbspring16tightcroppedTonight, we’re celebrating a new book with a strange type of party. I mean, we’re having the normal type of party – well, as normal as a group of romance authors can get. Which… isn’t. But we’ll have a potluck – maybe share a recipe or two – and we’ll crack jokes and wear sparkles or funny hats, chatting about… Continue reading


News! Totally Cool!

This is me, embracing the pink! I’ve always been told that pink is a good color for me, but I’ve resisted because it wasn’t my favorite. (My FAVORITE is forest green – not a good look on me, though.) So as pink has literally grown on me, this year, my girls all gave me new items to enjoy the shade even more. A new purse, scarf, and matching wallet. I confess, I’m beginning to like pink.

But today’s news gives me an even better reason to do a little fuchsia hugging! Continue reading