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I’ve picked out a few awesome articles after pouring through tons of them this week. These really spoke to me and I hope they speak to you.

With assurance
With inspiration
May your wings take flight!


News. Reviews. Previews.

I had so much fun planning this week. I’ve got some new blog ideas and am actually considering moving my blog over to WordPress instead of keeping it here at Blogger. Have any of you done that? I’d love to hear your advice on the matter!

So I’ve got these new things that I’m so pumped about sharing. But I want to

wait to make it all just right before I do a grand opening! So excited!

Speaking of excited, did you notice the change in the header. I promise the picture that was there before was only a half-dozen years old, but it made me look much younger. So this one is only a few months old. My dinky twinky did a great job on it! (BTW, Dinky Twinkies is code for my twin girls. thus Dinky Twinky would be a single.) Precious Redhead said it made me look mysterious. I would be flattered except that yesterday she said my grin made me look constipated. I think I’ll go looking for compliments elsewhere – just sayin’. 🙂

This weekender will offer:

  • Some great blog articles from authors including Staci Stallings, Jody Hedlund, David Walker, and Julie Cantrell.
  • Last week’s blog review
  • ROW80 Update
  • Next Week’s Blog Expectations


I’m getting better at visiting blogs, this week. Of course with my Grace Readers’ Weekly, I don’t have to rely only on my own blog touring. Some Twitter buddies offer their favorites as well.


Last Monday, I got to share the Best Almost Kiss winner at the Clash of the Titles. I’m enjoying being part of their blog Alliance every other week. On Tuesday, I shared about my boy’s rugby team at the University of Texas at Dallas in G is for Grrrrr! Highs and lows and how to live through them was my topic on Wednesday with another ROW80 update. Then I shared all I’ve learned about writing a Synopsis on Thursday. An interview with author and missionary Zeke Lam rounded out the week with a discussion of his book, Submission. Please visit the links here if you missed one of the articles!

ROW80 Update

Like I said, I’m inspired. I’ve written about 5k in a new story and am in the process of laying it out. I’ve taken two of my other stories, along with a serial I wrote using one of the characters, and am in the process of weaving the serial into my second story to connect them in a series. This third one that I’m writing now will complete the set and I’m really excited how things are going with it.

I got better at blog visiting, started on Pinterest (I’m totally addicted!), began tweeting more regularly, and set up some new surprises for later. Oh and I also played volleyball for an hour and a half! So sore after sitting around for 2 weeks! Now if I could just get off of potatoes again!


I think my plans may change, but for right now, I’m planning to Review a brand new book by debut author Bonnie S. Calhoun on Monday. On Tuesday, I’ll be highlighting the letter H. Hmmmmmm. I’ll have another ROW80 update on Wednesday, along with an inspirational article about life and writing. On Thursday, I’ll be chatting about learning styles and how they affect adults as much as kids. Then Friday will hold an interview with Author Fay Lamb.

Hope you’ve had a productive week and will have a delightful weekend. I’m going to watch my Dear Boy beat up on the UT of San Antonio for the Texas State Rugby Championship! (That’s the way I’ve pictured it in my head anyway.)

Your Turn: Have you blogged with both Blogger and WordPress? Which do you prefer? Do you think I should switch to WordPress?


Yummy New Blog Award!

I love blogging. The writing is a challenge. Reading about others and getting a capsule view of their lives is inspiring. I especially love having conversations through comments.

There are times when I look at my schedule and feel hopeless desperation. "What will folks want to read about tomorrow?" But mostly, it provides a free-writing opportunity for me and a fairly safe avenue to practice my craft.

So when my blog gets someone's attention, like for
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