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I Love a Good Mystery!


I’m so flattered to be highlighted on Sharon Srock’s blog this week. Despite my PINK PARTY last week, I didn’t get enough of LOVE! Is it really just that twitter-pated feeling that bubbles in a chest? See if you agree with me!

The Name

Our choir is singing a song I fell in love with decades ago. The music and arrangement are beautiful, but the words. …

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How God Woos

I wrote this article a couple of months ago, but because of the volatile situation involved, I decided to delay the posting of it. This week following Thanksgiving seems the perfect time to hint at how the Lord blesses His people and draws us to Him.

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Abandonment Issues – Guest post by Lynne Gentry

I’m so pleased to have a wise friend and one of my writing mentors, Lynne Gentry, visit today to share from her heart.
My husband says my lack of attention kills the plants in our yard. Every spring, I set out to prove him wrong. I rake the dried stalks of last year’s withered plants from the flower bed.

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Proverbs 31

alarm clockI just finished doing a Bible Study with Good Morning Girls, going through Proverbs 31. And I have to tell you, reading about this amazing woman and all that she does made me incredibly …


I’m ashamed to say after about the 3rd verse of the section – the one where it talks about her getting up early in the morning? – I rebelled a little bit and stopped the study. Why try? I can never be that woman. I wasn’t anything like her when I was young and I’ll sure not get there now that I’m older.

I stood toe to toe with wonder woman and only came up to her knee. No I don’t often get up  early. I don’t always have a clean house when people come over. I don’t even make my bed every day (my own personal skeleton from the closet). My cooking consists of short cut meals. Scratch is something you do to a mosquito bite!

I really gave it to myself and dog-paddled around the pity pool for a several days before I snapped out of it. I may never be the Proverbs 31 woman, but inside me is a desire to try. Not so I can please my husband. He loves me – miraculously – like the Lord does, in spite of myself. And also not so I can impress my friends of extended family. I want to build the type of God-focused spirit that she had.

Something else I realized is that this gal didn’t do all this at once. She had different seasons of her life just like I have. I’ve had a scrap-booking season where I not only chronicled memories for my kids, but I brought in money to help purchase our curriculum. I’ve had a teaching season and a sewing one. I’ve had home mom seasons and am still in the home schooling mom season. I’m also in a writing season, though I hope this one will last for some time.

That does make things considerably better. While I’ve never been just really awesome at cleaning, I have done a type of all of the other things mentioned.

So I went back to the study and doubled up on the lessons. I found that I’m not so far off the the Proverbs 31 woman except for my housekeeping skills. So that’s where I’m working to improve. But the end of the chapter, oh so cool. At the end of the chapter, her kids call her blessed. Mine do that. (No not the “bless me out” type of blessings. Lol!) My precious girls, and even my dear boy, have such Spirit consciousnesses. They are transparent and open with their praise and fuss at me when I feel unworthy.

And the best part, her husband praises her. What woman doesn’t want the admiration of her husband. I love it when mine tells me he’s proud of me. There’s no better moment, and no better way to end this book.

I think the Proverbs 31 woman (the ideal for that mom and obviously important enough for the Lord to include her in His Word) is someone to aspire to, but not a reason to criticize myself or others.

Your turn: What part of the Proverbs 31 woman makes you cringe? What part do you feel you have or can accomplish?

Are You a Dreamer?

I am so delighted to have Mikayla Kayne as a guest author for Faith-Driven Fiction. Her insight is awe-inspiring! Look for links to her book and blog below!

I’ve always been an avid dreamer. Getting to sleep in the first place is often a challenge, but once there, my dreams are entertaining, bizarre and creative. I can’t count how many times I’ve awoken frustrated that a good dream was interrupted. Of course not all dreams are good. Sometimes I wake up thankful that reality is a safe place.

Many people wonder where our dreams come from. There are those who spend significant time studying them, interpreting them, using them to make sense of the past and determine what to do tomorrow. I’m not one of those people. I have enough to figure out when I’m awake. The most avid dreams I have come to me in the daylight. Dreams about what I might accomplish, who my children will become, plans for the house I hope to build someday, hopes of adopting, finishing my degree. Every so often, I get caught up in dreams that keep me busy, a business idea or ministry passion.

Recently I was challenged to think about God’s dreams. Have you ever considered that God is a dreamer? What does God dream?

Thousands of years ago, God turned his dream into reality and brought this beautiful universe into existence. Think of how God created the world, he spoke it all as the angels watched, and imagine their surprise when He went physically down into His creation and got dirty to hand create man in his own image. Why do you think God spoke for five days, and then got personally involved on day six? God’s dream was family. Take that all the way to its full conclusion – God’s dream was you.

You are God’s dream come true. God dreamed of you, he dreamed your destiny, and to fulfill it, you must learn to dream in unity with Him.

Isaiah 46:10 – I declare the end from the beginning, and from long ago what is not yet done, saying: My plan will take place, and I will do all My will.

Your turn: Two questions (answer either or both) What are your greatest dreams? How does it make you feel to think that God got his hands dirty to make you?

That verse is sheer encouragement. My Father’s plan will take place. No maybes about it. I’m so glad Mikayla shared this with me! Find out more about her and books at the links below!

Mikayla Kayne’s first fiction novel, The Angel Crest Deception, is available now here. Visit her blog, 1000 Year Plan.

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