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More on Elohim

Last weekfortress, I started examining the name of Elohim. What an amazing name! So much to unpack!

Like I mentioned last week, the name means “Mighty One.” I find it telling that God revealed this name as the first in scripture. This name that speaks of His power begs us to humble ourselves before Him. Continue reading

Fathoming God: Elohim

Sunrise through silhouette of treesFor the last few months, I’ve been going through the names of God in order to understand Him. Just like in any relationship, I have to know my Heavenly Father better and better, to maintain our relationship and to grow closer to Him. Examining His many names has given such insight into his character. Last week, I shared a review of the names that I’d already gone through. Interestingly enough, I started with Jehovah and most all of the names I’ve studied are variations of that key name. 

Today, I’m examining Elohim. And many of the coming names will be variations of that one. Continue reading