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Population 2!

IMG_20160627_113419Well, my kids are all away for the week, so once I sent my latest story, (GRIME FAMILY, which should come out in mid-July) to my proof-reader, I was ready to celebrate! But this celebration turned into a strange experience! Continue reading

Thoughts? Anyone? Beuller?


I couldn’t resist. Yes, I’m an 80’s decade kind of girl. So the quote from “Ferris Beuller’s Day Off” is just a natural part of the way I think. For those of you too young to appreciate the comment, don’t worry. You’ll

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Indie Pubbing is a Challenge!

But a fun one! As I prepare for my release, I’m getting my manuscript scanned with a fine-tooth comb! Grime Beat’s polish is really starting to shine!

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Top 10 Reads for 2015

Top 10…well, at least for the beginning of the year. Last year, I read 31 books—the most I’ve ever read in a year. You can find links to all of the reviews, including those that are still at Suspense Sisters review page, at my 2014 link.

This year I want to match that number of books or get close. I plan to start with the ones below:

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