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A Horse of a Different Color

binocularsOur crack team of investigators actually caught up with Mercy Lacewell, the acting Vice President of Acquisitions for Lacewell Limited on her recent trip to Kentucky. It appears that LL’s next target is an architect firm. Ms. Lacewell spent a few hours involved in a meeting with the various directors and associates.

However, as with many of her other business trips, she Continue reading

Shake It Up

business desk

Our crack team of investigators followed Mercy Lacewell’s trail to Santa Monica, California, the next stop for our acting Vice President of Acquisitions for Lacewell Limited.

By our calculations, Ms. Lacewell arrived at the building housing Trinity Productions, but was not recording as entering the offices there until Continue reading

No Joy in Mudville

muddy foot print

Acting Vice President of Acquisitions for Lacewell Limited, Mercy Lacewell, made a very quick turn-around after her venture into the St. Louis area. Our investigators have confirmed that her trips have been chosen by some secret plotting scheme.

This time, the covert choice directed her to a small town in western Massachusetts. Well, actually to a system of dirt roads outside the city limits. Very wet dirt roads.

We know from our investigative sources that she visited the owner of LeClerc Trucking, a formerly Continue reading


Eat Your Heart Out, Uncle Thomas

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Here at Faith Driven Fiction we are committed to bringing you the latest information over the traveling exploits of Mercy Lacewell, acting Vice President of Acquisitions for Lacewell Limited.

Her journey this time took her to what many might consider the Continue reading

Ain’t Nothing Easy

photographerOur crack team of investigators followed the trail of the acting Vice President of Acquisitions to New Orleans. Mercy Lacewell was met by Douglas Grant. The Douglas Grant of the celebrated Fourteen Quarters Repertory Company.

While it is unknown what, if any, Continue reading


ch6After the excursion to Florida, our crack investigative team was rather leery of tracking Mercy Lacewell, the acting VP of Acquisitions for Lacewell Limited, any further. However, this trip proved perfectly delightful, or rather … Continue reading

Really, Daddy?

File5At first, our investigators, still following Lacewell Limited acting Vice President of Acquisitions, believed their tracking flawed as they turned away from the Florida beaches and headed inland to low-lying areas. Tracking Ms. Lacewell to a farm outside of Titusville, our team had an encounter they didn’t expect.  Continue reading


California Dream

OlivesOur crack team of investigators continue to run surveillance on the acting Vice President of Acquisitions at Lacewell Limited After her recent visit to the wintry northeast she traveled westward to San Diego.

Continue reading


For Whom the Sleighbell Tolls

Lakeview InnAgain, our investigators have compiled information for a second trip that Mercy Lacewell took recently for Lacewell Limited. With this trip, Mercy Lacewell went northeast to upstate New York and visited a small resort perched high above Seneca Lake.  Continue reading

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Human Icicle

photographerHere at Faith Driven Fiction, we’ve begun following the exploits of newly assigned executive, Mercy Lacewell. She’s been traveling for the last several months, and we’ve been able to compile an itinerary despite a number of confusing and challenging side trips.

Her first stop took her to South Texas.  Continue reading