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More on Jehovah Shalom

peace and innocence“Peace I leave you. My peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you.” John 14:27

Have you ever been the beneficiary of this type of  peace? I don’t mean everyday contentment. I’m talking about a supernatural version. The kind of peace that just doesn’t make sense. Stephen facing a stone-wielding angry mob certainly displayed this type of peace as well as other martyrs. But I don’t think we have to be in the act of giving our lives for our faith to glimpse the amazing serenity from the God, Who is peace.

Visit last week’s introduction into the name Jehovah Shalom.

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More on Jehovah Nissi

Exodus Yahweh is My Banner. This title for the Lord, given by Moses during a battle with the Amalekites, defines how God is the One who fights for us. He not only provides for our protection, but He does what we cannot do for ourselves. Check out an earlier article about Jehovah Nissi.

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Fathoming God: Jehovah Nissi

ExodusThis name of God inspires courage, determination, and focus in my heart. Mentioned in Exodus 17:15, it is a reference dealing with war.

That confused me at first. How can I find things that deal with today when I’m talking about aspects of a battle that happened 4000 plus years ago?

Oh yes, they are there!

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Fathoming God

BlindmenandelephantPoor elephant. Around our house, he’s sometimes in the room, but we often speak of eating the elephant. Ha! I think I’m going to use both of those thoughts today and more. Continue reading