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Day #30 – 30 Day Challenge

c28We made it! Everyday devotions for the entire month of September! This challenge certainly helped me. I know I missed my quiet time on one morning, but for the others, I enjoyed prayer and Bible study in addition to reading and discussing Thirty Days of Devotion with y’all.

I have found toward the end of the month that my normal Bible study hasn’t been enough. Most days, I’ve been doubling my study time and enjoying every moment of it. And that’s Continue reading


Day #29 – 30 Day Challenge

c27We’ve spent the month of September in a challenge to spend time with the Lord everyday. In an effort to do that, we’ve been using the book, Thirty Days of Devotion. As we near the end, today’s entry is particularly important.

When you’re pressing for something, striving, once you finally achieve your goal, it can feel empty. If your mind is focused on the task, what others think, celebration, what you deserve, or any other distraction, you’re likely Continue reading


Day #28 – 30 Day Challenge

c26We’re finishing up our final section in Thirty Days of Devotion and discussing priorities for the last time.

Today’s article still focuses on keeping our priorities in line with Christ. In particular, having the same attitude as He when He became obedient to death.

Despite the claims that Continue reading


Day #27 – 30 Day Challenge

c25Yesterday’s article from Thirty Days of Devotion discussed the need to regularly refit our priorities. That is, we need to make sure that the things we’ve been doing and expect to continue still fit into the path the Lord has for us.

I can’t help but think about the example of the disciples. That’s such a clear illustration, from the book, I simply can’t better it. The Lord called them to follow Him. They immediately laid down their nets and physically walked after him.

Literally, they followed. They didn’t Continue reading


Day #26 – 30 Day Challenge

c24This final season in Thirty Days of Devotion began a couple of days ago, but yesterday’s post really puts things into focus.

When the season of harvest begins, not only do the blessings start flowing, but the work kicks into high gear. But here’s the deal; the work doesn’t always remain the same.

What I mean is, just because Continue reading


Walk in One Direction

2015 wordI love new books, but The Love Boat Bachelor and Brent’s emails to his sister did interrupt the series here about walking in the faith. This all started with my word for 2015. WALK. To that end, I’ve not only been Continue reading

Grinding Away the Priorites

calendarLast week, Luke 9:23 outlined how we are supposed to be followers of Christ. The disciples trimmed away their daily activities and spent time learning at Jesus’ feet. That doesn’t mean that Peter, James, and John stopped Continue reading


Daily Grind

crosswalkAnd He was saying to them all, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me. Luke 9:23

In focusing on this verse, I started contemplating how I spend my days. I’m to take up the Lord’s “yoke” (Matthew 11:29-30) everyday. I’m to be “burdened” by those things to which He leads me. That’s what following is about. The disciples shed the Continue reading