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Sylvester_the_CatI did a post not long ago about walking in one direction. Frankly, it’s impossible to walk any other way. I get the picture of a Sylvester the Cat cartoon. The one where he splits in two and runs away from himself until his tail acts like a bungy cord and pops him back together.

Okay, anyone growing up after the 80s has Continue reading

Mara’s Journal – Chapter 13

Read today's chapter of A Dozen Apologies at Write Integrity Press.

This is Mara’s final journal entry, but not the end of her story. See how you can help her find her true love! If you missed any of Mara’s story, you’re going to want to read up on her at Write Integrity Press. How she created her current state of affairs and why she’s chosen the path she’s on.

The story premise: After coming to know the Lord, Mara Adkins feels compelled to try to right the wrongs she committed during her more manipulative days. And she’s got a LOT of victims to encounter. Yet God just might intend that one of them hold her heart.  Continue reading


Spiritual Tar Pits

Tar Pit BubbleSatan wants you down. Defeated. Giving yourself negative talk and expecting nothing but failure.

And I had such a day of that last week. I could go through the day and get all upset again, but it really isn’t worth it. Suffice it to say that from the time I was awakened, before my alarm by an … issue … my day flushed and I spent the rest of it spiraling in narrowing rings around the toilet of depression.

By the time I hit the evening, (And hit is an optimal word there.) I was antsy. Situations left unresolved, unexpected new … issues … cropping up every time I opened up my email. I have to tell you, like a threatened octopus, I felt myself pulling everything in.

Sweet hubby made me turn off my email. I just needed to let things go for a few days. And he was also right about something else. In the big picture of things, these little details don’t really matter. I know the evil one would love to destroy me, and he uses my weariness and little snipes here and there to pick me to pieces.

But snipes aren’t real. I know because my grandpa took my mom snipe hunting once when she was little. Poor thing. And these things that have picked on me all day weren’t real either. They weren’t things that would last. The slights and the frustrations generated out of minor issues shouldn’t affect me so much.

Good thing to remember. And the tornado dreams and restlessness that plagued me for the 24 hours made it very clear that I was not in the will of the Father. All of the ill-feelings stemmed from a decisions that I had been putting off. Once made, I had peace and clarity, though my circumstances hadn’t really changed all that much.

So my day started out in tar pits that I didn’t think I could escape. But it ended with a beauty and peace that I didn’t expect. To God be the glory!