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Day #17 – 30 Day Challenge

c16This is the first entry for this new section, a particularly difficult season! If you’re following along in Thirty Days of Devotion, we’ve entered the 3 main section of the book.

The crux of this section lies at the end of the article. Nothing that happens is a surprise to God.

My son had a number of his college classmates ask him how he could follow a god so heartlessĀ as to not care about the pain and death around the world.

Tough question.

And in the face of it, my answer seems rather naive and callous.

Of course God cares! He feels our pain. Those of you who experience it regularly can chime in better than I can, but I know He hurts on your behalf. Whether the pain is to bring someone to Him, to strengthen someone with experiences they will need later, or simply to glorify Himself is not our right or ability to question.

Job showed us that example.

But God does care and He carries us through the summer just as He does at any other time we need Him.

As for death, that’s another issue. God cares about those who die without Him. It’s not His will that any should perish. (Matthew 18:14) To that end, I believe He shows Himself, in some way, to everyone. But when a believer dies, he or she is just coming home to Him.

He cares about that, too, but in a happy way.

My sons friends, both atheists and agnostics alike, don’t have the Spirit inside to confirm or deny the truth of God. They don’t get it.

Your Turn: Like I mentioned, I know some of you have much more to say on the subject of pain than I can offer. Please correct me if I’ve spoken in error. But share how God has expressed His presence and His care for you.

Tomorrow we’ll begin working through our passions in Thirty Days of Devotion. I hope you will join us again!