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Attitude of Urgency

candle1My twins had an amazing experience this weekend. Over a hundred students met together for a weekend of fun and faith-filled challenges. The final event was labeled a “game,” but my girls have explained that this was no game by any means.

The students met for a final Bible study then were given numbers and a candle. They had the process of the exercise explained to them. A couple of people with lighted candles would share information. Once the hearer understood the information well enough to share it, they received a light for their candle, and they could then share their information with someone else.

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My 12-year-old daughter inspired me this evening. “Mom, I think I’d like to go visit a poor area and set up some play times like a Vacation Bible School. Can we go next summer?”

At first I chuckled at her innocence. Me the much more mature totally missed the point. God had touched her heart, lighting a fire of compassion for children less fortunate than she and igniting a deep desire to tell others about Christ.

That’s the essence of faith like a child.

So first I slapped myself upside the head for thinking I had anything on her. Then I encouraged her to learn as much about God as she could. “Having feet shod with the PREPARATION for the Gospel of peace.” I reminded her that we didn’t really know when God might open a door, so we had to study His Word and be ready to share when He needs us to.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me again that You are the one who does the work and can use anyone, anytime for Your purposes.