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Taking a Hit

My dad always watched the boxing and wrestling matches as I was growing up. I got very familiar with the two-minute warning, the bells, the Von Ericks, and the Dallas Sportitorium. And he’d use the opportunity to explain to my brother how to dodge the blow and how to take a hit.  Continue reading


Love Story

Boy meets girl. Boy disgusts girl sometimes. Girl annoys boy often. Then something changes. A brokenness settles in. Surrender and vulnerability. Regardless of the subplots and driving situations, this is often the gist of romance. Continue reading

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How God Woos

I wrote this article a couple of months ago, but because of the volatile situation involved, I decided to delay the posting of it. This week following Thanksgiving seems the perfect time to hint at how the Lord blesses His people and draws us to Him.

I can tell you that the friend of whom I wrote is well on her way to full recovery – praise Jesus!  Continue reading


From Perfectionism to Peace

I’m so honored to host an amazing debut author, Keli Gwyn on my blog today. Hopefully by the time you read this I will have actually gotten to hug her neck! And even though I’m officially at the national conference for the American Christian Fiction Writers, I’ll be checking in to chat with those of you who stop by and say hi!

Guest Post by Keli Gwyn

Does perfectionism plague you? Continue reading


News. Reviews. Previews.

I had so much fun planning this week. I’ve got some new blog ideas and am actually considering moving my blog over to WordPress instead of keeping it here at Blogger. Have any of you done that? I’d love to hear your advice on the matter!

So I’ve got these new things that I’m so pumped about sharing. But I want to

wait to make it all just right before I do a grand opening! So excited!

Speaking of excited, did you notice the change in the header. I promise the picture that was there before was only a half-dozen years old, but it made me look much younger. So this one is only a few months old. My dinky twinky did a great job on it! (BTW, Dinky Twinkies is code for my twin girls. thus Dinky Twinky would be a single.) Precious Redhead said it made me look mysterious. I would be flattered except that yesterday she said my grin made me look constipated. I think I’ll go looking for compliments elsewhere – just sayin’. 🙂

This weekender will offer:

  • Some great blog articles from authors including Staci Stallings, Jody Hedlund, David Walker, and Julie Cantrell.
  • Last week’s blog review
  • ROW80 Update
  • Next Week’s Blog Expectations


I’m getting better at visiting blogs, this week. Of course with my Grace Readers’ Weekly, I don’t have to rely only on my own blog touring. Some Twitter buddies offer their favorites as well.


Last Monday, I got to share the Best Almost Kiss winner at the Clash of the Titles. I’m enjoying being part of their blog Alliance every other week. On Tuesday, I shared about my boy’s rugby team at the University of Texas at Dallas in G is for Grrrrr! Highs and lows and how to live through them was my topic on Wednesday with another ROW80 update. Then I shared all I’ve learned about writing a Synopsis on Thursday. An interview with author and missionary Zeke Lam rounded out the week with a discussion of his book, Submission. Please visit the links here if you missed one of the articles!

ROW80 Update

Like I said, I’m inspired. I’ve written about 5k in a new story and am in the process of laying it out. I’ve taken two of my other stories, along with a serial I wrote using one of the characters, and am in the process of weaving the serial into my second story to connect them in a series. This third one that I’m writing now will complete the set and I’m really excited how things are going with it.

I got better at blog visiting, started on Pinterest (I’m totally addicted!), began tweeting more regularly, and set up some new surprises for later. Oh and I also played volleyball for an hour and a half! So sore after sitting around for 2 weeks! Now if I could just get off of potatoes again!


I think my plans may change, but for right now, I’m planning to Review a brand new book by debut author Bonnie S. Calhoun on Monday. On Tuesday, I’ll be highlighting the letter H. Hmmmmmm. I’ll have another ROW80 update on Wednesday, along with an inspirational article about life and writing. On Thursday, I’ll be chatting about learning styles and how they affect adults as much as kids. Then Friday will hold an interview with Author Fay Lamb.

Hope you’ve had a productive week and will have a delightful weekend. I’m going to watch my Dear Boy beat up on the UT of San Antonio for the Texas State Rugby Championship! (That’s the way I’ve pictured it in my head anyway.)

Your Turn: Have you blogged with both Blogger and WordPress? Which do you prefer? Do you think I should switch to WordPress?

News. REviews. PREviews.

Last week’s posts had some new things!


Karen Baney – Interview

I've gotten involved with a group of Christian authors at a Facebook site called Grace and Faith Authors. They're also on Twitter. It's been such a joy to interact with these gals and guys. I've learned about their books and their journeys, and I've tweeted about several of the new releases. 

One of the founders of the group, Karen Baney, is my guest today and her new book, Nickels, comes out next week! As with most of the authors I interview, I'm intrigued about their motivation, to write in general and how their current book came into being.

Marji: What inspired you to become a writer?

Karen: In early 2010, I went through some tough health issues.  Through that process, I re-learned to dependon God.  It was then that I asked Him onesimple question:  I know you haven’tcalled me to be a mom, so what have you called me to do?

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News and Updates

Paperli.PaperWidget.Show({ pid: ‘MarjiLaine/1316901947’, width: 650, background: ‘#000000’ })At this point, I’m in the homestretch of my story. The last 30k word (or so) included the most exciting sections, the climax of the romance, the dark moments. I would say that it’s my favorite part of the story – the words in the separate scenes certainly flow quickly. But it’s also the part of the story where I have to make sure the two ends of the circle match up as I draw them to a close. I added 14k to my story this week. Wasn’t nearly as tough as I thought it would be since I’m liking it so much!  Can’t wait to finish.

I still have the goal of having it done by the end of November and am really looking forward to the revisions and polishing that I get to do during December on my first novel.


Faith Reader’s Weekly

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UPDATE!!! I’m so pleased that I’m able to keep up with me word count goals for round 4 of a Round of Words in 80 days (ROW80). My goal is 1500 words ON MY NOVEL each weekday. I’ve actually been able to do closer to 1700 each day so far and I’m really pleased with what I’ve written. My new romantic suspense is a little more than 35% complete.

Because I’m not including any other writing in my word count, I haven’t been really satisfied with the postings I’ve done on my blog this week. I don’t like putting them off until the last minute. So in an effort to correct that situation, I’ve worked up some of the meat of my postings ahead of time. I’m even working on some of the ones for the following week. I prefer to stay proactive anytime I can be!

What are your goals for this week beyond those for ROW80?


Faith Readers’ Weekly

Paperli.PaperWidget.Show({ pid: ‘MarjiLaine/1316901947’, width: 655, background: ‘#000000’ })Woohoo! I’m back on track on my ROW80 goals after doing a revamp on my story. My goals were over-accomplished the last two days of the week, even with all-day volleyball tournaments. *Yes, I brought the story with me!* Overall, I’m still behind by a few thousand words, but the writing is much easier now that my plan is more complete.