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I Love a Good Mystery!

At Lena Nelson Dooley’s Blog!

I’m so honored to be the featured author today at A Christian Writer’s World, Lena Nelson Dooley’s blog. She’s had such amazing authors on there, I’m excited to be numbered among them.

So stop by. (Here’s the Link) and see a little insight into writing with collaborators!

3 Types of Agh—No, 4

I was so flattered and delighted to be invited to post on Jennifer Hallmark’s blog this week, and I got to write on a topic that frankly plagues me. In fact, I even make a confession.

For today’s devotion, I invite you to visit with me there. Make sure you give me a holler when you stop by!

Marketing Your Indie Pub

I’ve learned so much from this experience with my new independently-published GRIME BEAT. Today, I’m delighted to be visiting with Sandra Ardoin on her Seriously Write blog, sharing some of the things I’ve learned and others that I’ve gleaned from those with even more experience. I hope you’ll say hi if you stop by to visit!