Marji Laine

I Love a Good Mystery!


Blessed with Joy

I noticed that Write Integrity Press set their focus for the year as Joy. What a GREAT idea. And imagine my surprise and delight when my Dear Boy wrote about this very thing on his blog!

Joy can be such a misconstrued concept. With so much input, I had to chime in! Continue reading


After Twenty-six Years

Happiness is ...Happiness is being married to your best friend.

I received this stitch art as a wedding present twenty-six years ago. I had no idea of the truth of that statement. Look at us. With the ignorant confidence of newlywed twenty-somethings, we began our path. Waded through ridiculous situations, two singleton children and a set of twins. Through emotional roller-coasters, my man stood by me. And yes, me and my creative threads continue to take him on wild rides!

NewlywedsHe’s been there through the death of my dad and some painful separations. Changes in job venues gave new challenges for both of us. Then when I stopped working altogether, he supported the decision 100%. His desire to home school our kids became such a blessing for me. We developed such strong bonds and I don’t think they would have developed if we hadn’t spent so much time together.

Recently, we’ve clung together through another painful change. Both of us have been determined to follow God’s leading with prayer and focus. The Lord brought us to a perfect new place. We delight in His blessings.

And being married to my best friend is certainly the most wonderful blessing of all!