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I Love a Good Mystery!

Minis Make Things Excellent!

IMG_0264Okay, I bet you’re thinking, by the title, that this is a recipe post. It is. But there is more too it than that.

It has become clear to me that our God is in the detail business. Minis are important to Him. I’ve heard the concept disregarded and set aside most of my life, but He’s shown me in so many ways that He doesn’t do Continue reading

Giving Thanks

Turkey tells off Santa ClausWow! I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving week! I saw the funniest cartoon last weekend. This sentiment is so true. Christmas “clutter” appeared on the shelves of many of the stores I frequent by mid-October. Retailers seem view Thanksgiving as a mere obstacle that forces them to close on a perfectly good sales day. No joke! How many stores do you know that are opening sometime on Thursday? Continue reading